A statement home with connections to nature

Create Architecture designs a home with striking architectural features and with closeness to the outdoors.

  • A statement home with connections to nature

Home Type: Semi-detached house

Floor Area: Approx 6,370sqft

The client in this project was a developer who wanted to build a home that would stand out in the market and be an attractive place to live. The team from Create Architecture says: “We were tasked to create a modern and visually striking design that would demonstrate the efficient use of space.”

semi-detached house

Not knowing who the residents might be, the design team considered features that were often in demand among potential homeowners, such as ample natural light, privacy, and a connection with nature.

The new build semi-detached property is located at Coronation Drive and features four storeys and five bedrooms. Diverging from the angular contours of the site, it embraces curved overhangs and planters, skilfully tempering its architectural edges.

Greenery is creatively employed to frame views from every room, delivering both shade and privacy within the interior space. Drawing inspiration from the traditional shophouse courtyard, this design reinvents the concept by breaking it down into fragments. Each room has been meticulously positioned to offer a distinct view, creating the impression that every space is a self-contained pavilion harmoniously nestled amidst the natural surroundings. Additionally, to safeguard the interior from the intense tropical sun, vertical fins have been thoughtfully introduced to the west-facing facade.

Every outstanding house requires a remarkable architectural gesture. In the case of this semi-detached dwelling, it comes in the form of an exquisitely sculpted staircase. Crafted to appear as a seamless, single piece, it makes a dramatic and sweeping statement, standing tall as a singular work of art within the home.

To ensure abundant natural light permeates the house, the designers placed windows and skylights in strategic areas, complemented by the use of white paint and laminated panels for light reflection and dispersion. An open floor plan seamlessly connects functional spaces, facilitating effortless movement between living areas.

Custom features enhance the elegant interior. In the living area, the television console’s curved edges convey a contemporary aesthetic while the nature-inspired finishes bring in a touch of the outdoors. Notably, this console is purposefully crafted to discreetly mask structural columns, preserving a seamlessly uncluttered look. Furthermore, it incorporates subtle backlighting, augmenting the overall ambience and imbuing the area with an extra touch of refinement.

semi-detached house

The kitchen island is another focal point in this spacious residence. Its generous proportions provide ample counter space for meal preparation and its also meant to serve as a gathering hub for family and friends. Marbled surfaces bring in the luxury.

Colours are chosen with care to evoke different qualities in the private spaces. In the master bedroom and walk-in wardrobe, a richer laminate tone imparts a sense of gravity and sophistication. In contrast, the other bedrooms feature a lighter tone of timber laminate, fostering a brighter and more welcoming atmosphere.

semi-detached house

The rooftop terrace in this semi-detached house is a generous space designed for large gatherings and entertainment. One can delight in the refreshing breeze while being sufficiently shielded from the sun’s rays. Moreover, the strategic elevation of the roof means that it rises above neighbouring houses, ensuring privacy and providing an expansive and unobstructed view across the estate dotted by lush mature trees.

semi-detached house

Create Architecture

Photography by Ong Chan Hao

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