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This playful home embraces the ‘rustic industrial’ style of interior design

With the help of the design team from Dots N Tots Interior, this HDB flat is now a playful home that’s packed with storage and display cases.

Home Type: 4-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 1,001sqft

Text by Angela Low

The family of three staying in this flat wanted a warm and inviting home with a decor that they describe as ‘rustic industrial’. Keeping in mind the homeowners’ need for more storage and display cases, Dots N Tots Interior designed a personality-filled abode with striking wood-look finishes and black accents that won’t go out of style.

rustic industrial | Dots N Tots Interior - display

Interior designer Ryan Ho of Dots N Tots Interior anchored the living space with a mammoth glass display cabinet that shows off an impressive collection of Star Wars paraphernalia. This functional feature wall adds personality to the decor, while fulfilling the owners’ need for more storage and display areas.

rustic industrial | Dots N Tots Interior - living room

Interpreting the couple’s brief, which called for cosy and warm interiors, the designer opted for vinyl flooring with a rustic wood design in the living room. This is then paired with a more industrial-style, galaxy-inspired wallpaper for the TV feature wall. The latter borrows from the husband’s love of Star Wars, and offers a cool contrast to the warm tones of the living room.

rustic industrial | Dots N Tots Interior - workbench

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a bare wall in this apartment, which is covered in framed photos and posters. The metal household shelter door has also been given a coat of black chalkboard paint. This gives the occupants an avenue to express their creativity. Directly across from it is a multipurpose workstation where the family eats breakfast, gets work done, and repairs broken toys.

rustic industrial | Dots N Tots Interior - bedroom

For the daughter’s bedroom, the designer crafted a seamless yet simple design. It not only adapts the original concrete structure by the window into a functional feature, but also downplays the odd recesses in the room. The platform allows room for a second pull-out bed that can be stowed away when not in use. It also incorporates a wall-mounted tabletop that forms a mini study area.

rustic industrial | Dots N Tots Interior - kitchen

Despite how small and narrow the kitchen is, the designer managed to fit a petite breakfast bar into the space. This also allowed them to maximise every nook and cranny. A long mirror that hangs above the bar table creates a visual illusion that doubles the footprint of the kitchen. Warm wood finishes and black accents offer visual continuity to the communal spaces.

rustic industrial | Dots N Tots Interior - bathroom

Recreating the look of a rustic wooden cabin, the designer clad the walls of the common bathroom in distressed wood-look tiles. While keeping to the flat’s rustic industrial theme, it produces an unexpectedly dramatic look for such an inconspicuous, run-of-the mill space.

rustic industrial | Dots N Tots Interior - dining area

For additional privacy, a metal semi-partition was built between the main entrance and the dining area. A mirrored panel on one side helps to brighten up the communal space. On the other side, the same panel protrudes out as a cabinet with mini sliding barn doors for the family to store letters, cards and house keys. The homeowners are also able to swing the entire divider towards the adjacent wall, whenever they need more space for the entrance.

Dots N Tots Interior

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