A modern monochromatic flat fit for entertaining

This four-room HDB flat looks and feel supersized thanks to open, connected spaces and a streamlined design scheme by Nest Spatial Design.

  • A modern monochromatic flat fit for entertaining

  • A modern monochromatic flat fit for entertaining

  • A modern monochromatic flat fit for entertaining

  • A modern monochromatic flat fit for entertaining

  • A modern monochromatic flat fit for entertaining

  • A modern monochromatic flat fit for entertaining

Home Type: 4-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 1,001sqft

Text by Disa Tan

The expanse of this regular four-room BTO flat is immediately apparent upon entering the space where a free-flowing floor plan was introduced by interior designer Angeline Chua from Nest Spatial Design. She says: “We hacked away a common bedroom to expand the living area.” The homeowners, a married couple, also wanted a study and home gym. The room was later converted to accommodate their request and it is now enclosed with a black lattice aluminium frame with glass panels for a spacious and loft-like aesthetic.

modern monochromatic flat by Nest Spatial Design

An engaging focal point of a laminate finish sporting matte marble textures sets the living zone apart from the dining and kitchen areas. Angeline then flanked this marble-effect centrepiece with top and bottom cabinets, which provide much-needed storage space. For a warm and welcoming contrast, she used vinyl flooring with lightly-distressed wood textures and applied the same finish to the entire home to create a seamless sense of cohesiveness.

modern monochromatic flat window by Nest Spatial Design

A noteworthy addition to the home are the PD windows which overlook the living zone. Unlike regular sliding windows, the homeowners are able to slide as well as fold away the windows neatly to the sides, allowing uninterrupted view of their light-filled living area.

modern monochromatic flat kitchen island by Nest Spatial Design

Over at the kitchen, the boundary wall was also hacked away to make way for an island counter. “The homeowners, particularly the husband, love to cook and host,” Angeline reveals. This led her to design a large L-shaped island counter which doubles as a dining space. For a sleek finish, she utilised KompacPlus panels for the island worktop and also applied it to the kitchen backsplash and countertops.

modern monochromatic flat kitchen island and foyer by Nest Spatial Design

The island unit is designed in such a manner that the homeowners can have a good view of their communal zones while cooking. “The flip-up island counter hosts a built-in OBRO downdraft hood and hob set,” says Angeline. “The hood works so great with an air extraction vent that no heavy cooking smells will waft over to the living area, and the homeowners can flaunt it while cooking in front of their guests.” This well-planned detail definitely raises the interaction factor between the kitchen and the living-dining zones.

Serving up great functionality is the foyer replete with shoe and display cabinets from floor to ceiling. Not wasting an inch of space, Angeline worked in a compact seat complete with a mirror and more storage. In between the cabinetry is the hidden entrance to the household shelter and it has been seamlessly clad in a similar laminate finish of matte marble textures as the living zone.

modern monochromatic flat bedroom by Nest Spatial Design

While the communal zones are bright and airy, the bedroom has a posh and dark ambience reminiscent of a swanky boutique hotel suite. “We wanted to create a distinction between the communal and private zones,” remarks Angeline. A dark and classy material palette of tinted mirrors, and marble- and wood-look laminate finishes defines the sleeping area and imbues it with sophistication.

modern monochromatic flat bathroom by Nest Spatial Design

The dark marble decadence continues in the master bathroom where Angeline has laid marble-look tiles onto the walls. They match the moody opulence of the master bedroom and with that, she has successfully distinguished the private zones from the communal areas with two contrasting colour palettes.

Nest Spatial Design

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