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The joy of mindful living in a home that invites pause

In a home where simplicity reigns and everything has it place, its residents can relax and enjoy life in the slow lane.

Home Type: 3-room condo unit

Floor Area: 1,539sqft

Text by Janice Seow

Studies show that mindful living can lead to happier, healthier and more productive lives. Rather than being pulled in different directions, it’s all about being present in the moment.

In homes, embracing simplicity and having calm spaces where we can better engage with our surroundings are some of the ways to achieve this. And this is just what interior design studio Hock Hoon has given the young couple who reside in this 3-bedroom apartment.

mindful living apartment Hock Hoon

Rather than being overly focused on ‘decoration’, the clients’ first priority was for an efficient space that would meet their needs. “Their attention was on the space planning, and on how the apartment could be made more efficient and provide more storage,” designer Xin Hui explains.

mindful living apartment Hock Hoon

In keeping with the couple’s brief, timber screens have been introduced in the foyer to create privacy and filter the harsh afternoon sun. It also “creates a warm invitation into the apartment,” the designer adds. The corridor is expressed as an wooden block, where a shoe cabinet and concealed utility room run down the L-shaped wall in a clean and uniformed manner.

mindful living apartment Hock Hoon

A palette of greys and light wood tones invite an atmosphere of calm into the interiors. Apart from this primary purpose, the cosy scheme and natural elements were also consciously chosen to counter the hard metal and glass facade of neighbouring units

mindful living apartment Hock Hoon

The kitchen is one of the main talking points of this apartment. “We designed an open kitchen, and made it a highlight of the space,” says Xin Hui. “We framed up the central portion of the cooking area to draw focus towards it, and differentiated it with stone textures that contrast against the wooden cabinets on both sides. The long island acts as a divider between the living area and kitchen, and also serves as a breakfast counter.” Also of note, the ceiling in the kitchen has been lowered to encourage subtle differentiation between the cooking and living zones.

mindful living apartment Hock Hoon

Backdropped by a large, cement-look painted wall, the TV console stretches across the living room and meets the partition at the entrance to become one seamless design. In the area designated for dining, this console also neatly doubles as bench seating with storage.

mindful living apartment hock hoon

Less is more in the master bedroom. A series of seamless storage cabinets keeps all clutter out of sight. One panel is a concealed door that leads into the dressing area and bathroom. The former features an integrated flip-up mirror and a wardrobe for easy access to commonly worn clothing, and is a discreet and intimate space for getting ready for the day.

mindful living apartment Hock Hoon

The master bathroom is the couple’s private wellness space. While modest in size, light grey tiles makes it appear visually larger, while earthy elements such as wood-look tiles and a stone-textured vanity countertop evoke calm and create the connection with nature.

mindful living apartment Hock Hoon

Having a home with such tranquil vibes allows the couple to enjoy relaxed, mindful living daily. It’s a chance to press on pause – to go into ‘unplug mode’ if you will.

mindful living apartment Hock Hoon

Hock Hoon

Where To Shop
Laminates from Lamitak
Kitchen counter, porcelain surface from Lian Hin
Sofa from Originals
Bathroom tiles from Hafary
Bathroom vanity, Compact top from EDL
Master bedroom wardrobe, laminates from EDL

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