A lofty home for a cat-loving family and their felines

In a series of clever design moves, Yvonne Chiang of SPIRE turns this apartment into a fresh concept in ‘high-rise living’ for a couple, their daughter and seven cats.

  • A lofty home for a cat-loving family and their felines

  • A lofty home for a cat-loving family and their felines

  • A lofty home for a cat-loving family and their felines

Home Type: 4-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 1,100sqft

Text by Janice Seow

The couple and their young daughter who reside in this four-bedroom condo count their seven beloved cats as family. As such, they needed their new home to cater not just to their needs, but those of their feline companions as well.

lofty SPIRE

While modest in size, the interior designer from SPIRE has fully capitalised on the condo’s impressive 4.4-metre-high ceilings, though it was not without its challenges. “The idea was to utilise the high ceilings, and convert them into living areas. However, regulations dictate that the construction of lofts using standard metal structures cannot be more than 5 square metres. This was insufficient for what we needed, given that three bedrooms and the living hall had high ceilings,” the designer explains. To tackle this and enhance the home’s ‘square footage’, the designer has constructed lofts by making the cabinetry and staircases the support structures.

lofty SPIRE

Like their fellow human occupants, the cats needed their own room, but with the freedom to roam and enjoy their new home. Thus the designer first had to take time to learn their habits and routines, characteristics, and likes and dislikes, much like what she would do with her usual clients.

“One of the requirements was to design a Cat’s Room. To create a suitable space that was both comfortable and safe, I really had to get to know them,” the designer shares. There needed to be different areas set aside for different purposes. Taking advantage of the high ceiling, a mesh enclosed loft was created above for when the fur-kids had to be kept separated. It’s also a play area with furniture they can climb. Down below, a recessed area neatly houses cages for those who require specific attention, and to store kitty items. And the flooring is Mocca Mosaic by Metallic Epoxy Singapore which is anti-scratch. Since the cats also love to jump, safety nets by The Cat People were installed as window ‘grilles’ in all rooms.

lofty SPIRE

Elsewhere, large storage areas have been efficiently incorporated for all ten occupants (counting the cats). Starting from the foyer, seamless cabinets offer ample room for footwear and more. Further in, the designer makes clever use of space once again, this time with the creation of a hidden storeroom. This space is discreetly situated behind the L-shaped TV feature wall cum display cabinet and is only accessible from the balcony. In fact, it’s so well camouflaged that from the living area, unsuspecting guests would be clueless of what lies beyond.

With the vertical layering of spaces, smartly integrated storage, and an inclusive design that caters to its feline residents too, this condo is now one blissful home.


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