Jadescape condo with a grand entrance

In this four-bedroom Jadescape condo, Subtlesato Studio has embraced the challenge of creating a beautiful entrance out of a private lift lobby.

  • Jadescape condo with a grand entrance

Home Type: 4-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 1,647sqft

Text by Yen Kien Hang

When a home gives you a private lift lobby, turn it into a great entrance.

This might have well been Santos Oamin’s train of thought when met with the challenge of highlighting a special feature in this Jadescape residence. Indeed, to better serve the daily needs of the homeowners –  a family with two children – the Creative Director of Subtlesato Studio managed to persuade them to change the simple entryway into a designated ‘room’ with versatile storage units and a sitting bench.

Jadescape condo

It is now mud room for removing shoes and off-loading items, and also provides ample storage for the homeowners’ sports and golfing equipment. Using Lamiart glass sliding doors, this ‘room’ also acquired a semi-see-through reflective effect, adding a touch of elegance while also ensuring privacy without visually closing off the space completely.

Jadescape condo

The back wall of this stunning glass ‘room’ can also be used to display decorative items. This will add a personal touch of homecoming and familiarity whenever the homeowners arrive via the private lift. Now, the entrance becomes an actual space with its own personality, and allows a sense of transition before one steps into the living room.

To further fulfil the homeowners’ primary request of a “generously sized and well-lit living space that is comfortable for children and expectant parents”, Santos also had to consider utilising the only natural light source in the communal area – the balcony – to its fullest potential. Using floor-to-ceiling sliding doors was the obvious choice to draw in the light, and to extend the living space outwards so the family have an alternative area to entertain and hold parties.

Jadescape condo

Since both husband and wife are consultants and travel frequently, the use of natural hues – particularly wood-inspired laminates for the entire living area – adds an extra touch of elegance and serenity to this Jadescape apartment, making it a perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Clever storage integration was needed in most of the bedrooms: whether in the form of a platform bed with pull-out drawers (in the daughter’s room), a dressing table with storage behind the suspended mirror (in the master bedroom), or even a Murphy bed that can be stowed away to reveal a folding table (in the guest bedroom) – Santos came up with many ingenious ways to insert storage into the compact spaces. In total, there are around 18 storage areas of various sizes in this Jadescape apartment!

Subtlesato Studio

Photography by Human+Space

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Jadescape condo
Jadescape condo


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