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This tranquil sanctuary is a modern interpretation of typical resort hotels

Design firm Modern Haus Renaissance took inspiration from hotel resorts when designing this dual-key apartment.

Home Type: 4-room dual-key condominium unit

Floor Area: 1,200sqft

Text by Angela Low

Working with the limited floor space of this dual-key apartment, Modern Haus Renaissance employed an open-plan layout and a neutral colour scheme to create a tranquil sanctuary for the residents. Inspired by hotel resorts, the abode features luxe finishes as well, and makes use of its massive balcony to add to the elegance of the interior.

tranquil sanctuary | Modern Haus Renaissance - living

The homeowner, who wanted a warm, welcoming sanctuary, modelled her family home after the luxe yet cosy ambience of a hotel resort. It inspired the palette of soothing, neutral tones in the living room, which provides a serene atmosphere. Multiple layers of mood lighting add to the luxury, while an open-plan layout combining the living and kitchen areas prevent the space from looking too compact.

tranquil sanctuary | Modern Haus Renaissance - feature wall

The TV console plays with visual textures using stone-like laminates. The striking yet sophisticated ‘marbling’ is made prominent thanks to backlighting that brings an added layer of visual depth. A slender floating console matches the simple profile of the TV panel, both of which work to lend a sense of airiness to the small space. A vertical panel composed of teak wood strips further adds warmth to the feature.

tranquil sanctuary | Modern Haus Renaissance - balcony

One of the biggest assets of this dual-key apartment is its massive balcony. Here, the design team incorporated a dining table so the family can dine alfresco style. It also solves the issue of not having enough indoor space for a dining room. The area is surrounded by lush foliage, which offers privacy and shade from the harsh afternoon sun.

tranquil sanctuary | Modern Haus Renaissance - storage

Opposite the TV console is a built-in storage with open and closed shelving. This mammoth of a feature allows the homeowner to keep unsightly knick knacks tucked neatly away, while sprucing up the interiors with a few decorative displays. But the displayed items aren’t simply ornamental accessories. They are her prized liquor collections, which make for an artful yet functional focal point.

tranquil sanctuary | Modern Haus Renaissance - bar shelves

The altar, which faces the front gate of the apartment for good fortune, is an example of how the homeowner has applied the principles of feng shui into the design of her home. To match the contemporary design scheme of the abode, the design team customised and modernised the altar with dark hues, sleek carpentry, and integrated LED lights.

The kitchen island not only doubles as a casual dining spot, but also serves as a transitional space between the TV area and the kitchen. It provides subtle spatial segregation, while keeping the layout open and spacious. The back panels of this kitchen island have also been clad in Emperador Marble laminates, paired with LED lights to create a warm, glowing effect. This luxe, statement-making material lends a dramatic touch to the otherwise light-toned interior.

tranquil sanctuary | Modern Haus Renaissance - bedroom

In the private quarters, the colour scheme shifts toward darker hues from a predominantly neutral-toned palette. A black feature wall behind the bedhead creates a moody ambience, evoking a sense of privacy and rest. It also serves as a fitting backdrop for the painting, which the homeowner and designers selected to suit the overall design theme. Flecks of gold, red and orange shine through from the painting, echoing the warm tones of the abode for design continuity.

Modern Haus Renaissance

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