Inside a stylish, modern condo fit for seven

The Carpenter’s Workshop reimagined a condo to support bustling family gatherings and personal relaxation for seven inhabitants.

  • Inside a stylish, modern condo fit for seven

Home Type: 5-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 3,800sqft

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

Owned by a young couple with two children, two helpers and a cherished granny, this expansive condo has been designed to be a sanctuary of togetherness and creativity. Designers SingEr Fang and John Au of The Carpenter’s Workshop were guided by a clear design brief: to create a spacious and multifunctional living space that harmonises communal activities and personal pursuits, all while fostering a deep connection to nature.

Untouched since its development in the ‘80s, the original space featuring small-format tiles throughout felt outdated. Nonetheless, it had great bones with connecting balconies and planter boxes surrounding the property. The biggest drawback was the cast concrete walls between the dining and living areas that led to a sense of disconnectedness within the condo. By replacing them with metal frame sliding doors, SingEr and John converted the original dining room into an entertainment room for both kids and adults.

5-bedroom condo

The dining space now resides within the generous living area, creating a far more cohesive and functional layout. Wood beams on the ceiling signal a shared space that’s still distinct thanks to the furniture placement. Positioned in the centre, the Edra On The Rocks sofa grounds the living area and facilitates easy movement. Meanwhile, the Lema Shade dining table faces the balcony. “We deliberately placed a mirror on the wall to reflect the lush greenery into the dining area, further amplifying the sense of connection to the outdoors,” share the designers.

5-bedroom condo

To help the family maintain a clean and clutter-free environment, built-in carpentry line one side of the wall with open shelving to display cherished objects. The structure also hides the entrance to granny’s bedroom, common bathroom and study-cum-nanny room.

On the opposite side of the wall by the entrance are sliding doors that lead to the children’s bedroom and master bedroom replete with an en suite and walk-in wardrobe. The homeowners’ study table from their previous home becomes a focal point in the master bedroom upon entry, adding a touch of familiarity in their new slice of paradise.

“The existing walk-in wardrobe, which felt cramped and devoid of natural light, was reconfigured to introduce wood strip doors, allowing the homeowners to enjoy sunlight and greenery from the balcony, enhancing both functionality and ambiance,” say the designers. Additionally, the original bathtub in the en suite was removed to make way for his and her sinks and a more spacious shower area, addressing the needs of modern living.

In the kitchen, attention was paid to both form and function. The homeowners wanted to create a space that was as inviting for their helpers as it was for the family. Tall units and a strategically positioned kitchen sink offer a refreshing view of the planter box, while a dedicated coffee corner ensures seamless workflow. A pivot door separates the kitchen from the laundry and helper’s room with an attached bathroom to boot.

Throughout the condo, every detail was carefully considered to enhance the living experience. From the common bathroom’s natural stone-look tiles to the kid’s bathroom’s playful design, each space reflects the family’s personality and values. Even the wife’s collection of paintings from artists she admires dot the walls. The outcome is a tranquil haven that celebrates the family’s individual interests and shared experiences.

The Carpenter’s Workshop

Photography by See Chee Keong

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5-bedroom condo
5-bedroom condo
5-bedroom condo


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