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How to encourage a sense of luxury in your home

Although small in size, this apartment exudes a sense of upscale luxury.

Home Type: 3-bedroom executive condominium

Floor Area: 1,033 sqft

One of the biggest and most important difference between an interior design and a contractor is the amount of planning, effort and design consideration put into your home renovation. A good contractor should be able to build your home based on your lifestyle needs and wants, but a good designer can offer all that wrapped in one beautiful, practical and easily manageable home.

When the designers from Living Gaia were roped in to design this three-bedroom executive condominium apartment, they were tasked to incorporate Feng Shui elements, requirements for home baking, child-friendly bedrooms, and storage considerations into the renovation. The design team pulled it off with aplomb, balancing many different factors into the design. But just as importantly, they managed to finish it all with a look of modern luxury, defined by the sleek lines and polished finishes.

It’s a petite apartment, measuring at only 1,033 square feet, but you can immediately feel the home’s prevalent sense of luxury. It’s more prevalent in the communal zones, where a monochromatic dose of warm greys sweep across the space. The feature wall is inlaid with tinted mirror strips and matt laminate surfaces that form orderly squares. Other elements like the recessed lights, detailed carpentry and hidden storage complete the look without overwhelming the space.

Clad in a similar style treatment as the living area, the dining area exudes a similar sense of restrained glamour. An island counter is now the homeowner’s designated baking zone. It’s a clever use of space as the kitchen is definitely too small for baking equipment.

The master bedroom has been well-planned in a sense that every amenity has been thoroughly considered. It boasts an entertainment area, a compact study space and even glass showcases for the homeowner’s cherished collection of designer bags. The room also sports plush, quilted upholstery in diamond-shaped details. One of the most interested additions to this room is the decorative divider made from Series panels. The intricate cut-out patterns lend and ornate modern aesthetic to the room.

Another highlight of this home has to be the children’s bedrooms. Swathed in a whimsical spectrum of colour, these rooms appear to be in a world of their own.


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