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This family home effectively uses blue as its main colour palette

Awash in serene notes of blue, this refreshed family home by MET Interior offers a relaxed and airy space for familial bonding and entertaining.

Home Type: 3-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 1,582sqft

Text by Disa Tan

The reason why the homeowners of this two-decade old resale condo unit have a predilection for the colour blue is a surprising one. “It was a fengshui requirement,” reveals designer Derrick Lai of MET Interior, who took charge of the renovation. The unexpected affinity with this cool shade became the basis of the main colour scheme; as Derrick breathed new life into this apartment with well-curated colour and material pairings.

blue as main colour palette in resale condo by MET Interior (2)

With the homeowners specifying for a larger living area and kitchen, Derrick turned to hacking away the boundary walls that stood between the communal zones. A refreshed open kitchen layout soon ensued and he played up the inviting appeal of the cookspace by cladding the counters with a mid-tone shade of blue. Not too overpowering but yet striking enough to make a statement, this eye-catching colour draws out a sense of comfort for the homeowners to cook, entertain and mingle with their friends, completely at ease.

blue as main colour palette in resale condo by MET Interior (5)

Custom counters of different heights were introduced for ergonomic factors. The counter with the cooking hobs is considerably lower than the bar counter and this allows the users of the kitchen to cook, do food prepping or grab drinks at a more comfortable height.

blue as main colour palette in resale condo by MET Interior

Wood-look accents such as the vinyl flooring and laminate wall coverings make up the living area and these rich grainy textures work in a breezy Scandinavian atmosphere. A unique staggered arrangement for the vinyl flooring breaks the regularity of boxy forms and further elongates the visual scale of the floor area.

The slanted profile of the custom-built altar fronts the living area, but the back of it sits flush with the whitewashed wall, which leads to the corridor that segues seamlessly into the bedrooms. This extra wall space is put to good use as a gallery wall for a breathtaking art piece.

blue as main colour palette in resale condo by MET Interior (8)

The common bathroom has received a two-tone wall treatment, which sees the wet zone being tiled in a darker stone-like colour palette. Meanwhile the dry area is clad in light wood-look wall tiles. This soothing contrast in colour and texture sets the shower stall apart from the rest of the bathroom.

blue as main colour palette in resale condo by MET Interior (4)

To make room for the walk-in wardrobe, Derrick and the homeowners decided to merge the study together with the master bedroom. A mild steel bi-fold door frame with glass panels now encases the walk-in ensuite. This allows daylight to penetrate through, but less dust that reach into the confines of the wardrobe.

With natural light pouring in, the incredibly calming effects of blue shines through in the restful colour palette of the master bedroom. Recessed handles in diamond-shaped details embellish the wardrobe doors with a characterful accent.

blue as main colour palette in resale condo by MET Interior (6)

Proposing an open pole system for the wardrobe, Derrick wanted to inject an airy and spacious touch to this walk-in area. “Displaying their clothing and fashion accessories out in plain sight makes the daily selection easier for the homeowners,” he adds.

blue as main colour palette in resale condo by MET Interior (7)

For the master bathroom, dark stone-look tiles have been used for the flooring and walls to evoke a laidback sense of sophistication. Custom-built mirrors with hidden storage frame the backsplash of wood-look tiles. This sleek pairing help temper the heavy stone textures of the dark tiled flooring.

MET Interior

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