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HDB flat turned glamorous family home

Humble no more, this HDB flat by Lux Design dials up on luxury and is now a glamorous family home with a space-smart configuration.

Home Type: 3-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 1,076sqft

Text by Disa Tan

Not only have the designers from Lux Design delivered the homeowners’ brief for a modern living space and a monochromatic colour palette with much finesse, they have also injected touches of luxury into the scheme to create a glamorous family home.

glamorous family home Lux Design

In the living area, a mosaic paint treatment pairs well with the lustrous marble flooring, and adds an edginess to the modern luxe interior. Elongated light reflecting fixtures clad in mirror finish decorate the TV feature wall, bringing modern flair into the space.

glamorous family home Lux Design

The designers have used clear mirror panels to visually extend the size of the shared communal zones, and to conceal the DB box. This mirror accent also plays out beautifully in the form of asymmetrical strips, which scale across a backdrop decorated in the same mosaic paint finish.

glamorous family home Lux Design

Despite its compact size, this galley kitchen is the very definition of modern sophistication with its smart black and white scheme. The designers have also amped up the luxe factor with a combination of gold matte and high-gloss laminates on the cabinetry.

glamorous family home Lux Design

Since HDB bedrooms are typically tight on space, the designers needed to maximise the master bedroom’s floor area to ensure that it could accommodate not just a bed, but ample storage as well. They managed to create a walk-in wardrobe concept by dividing the room with a tall dresser and a raised platform to house the bed. With storage cubbies hidden beneath the platform, this creates additional storage without taking up the room’s walking area.

glamorous family home Lux Design

Other than recessed lighting installed along the steps of the raised platform, the designers worked in other thoughtful touches to accentuate the cosy and luxurious setting. Walls in a warm and neutral shade of grey are paired with vinyl flooring of wood-effect textures to set off a tranquil vibe. For a hint of opulence, the designers wrapped the dresser counter in granite.

glamorous family home Lux Design

The common bedroom is dressed modestly in a light colour palette of pristine whites. This simple yet timeless colour scheme offers flexibility for the homeowners to alter the room’s design scheme easily in the near future. With these thoughtful design considerations implemented by the team from Lux Design, it’s no wonder that the modern style of this glamorous family home will stay fresh for years to come.

Lux Design

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