Contemporary updates refresh a tired semi-detached house

Previously old and outdated, this decade-old semi-detached house now has an improved spatial layout and styling. Wynn Neo of I.D.I.D employed a contemporary palette of warm neutrals and classic embellishments to good effect.

  • Contemporary updates refresh a tired semi-detached house

  • Contemporary updates refresh a tired semi-detached house

  • Contemporary updates refresh a tired semi-detached house

  • Contemporary updates refresh a tired semi-detached house

  • Contemporary updates refresh a tired semi-detached house

Home Type: 4-bedroom semi-detached house

Floor Area: 3,165sqft

Text by Disa Tan

A family of four – a married couple and their two children – lives in this semi-detached house. While they have the expanse of space, the house itself is in a time-worn condition and could do with an update in both style and functionality.

semi-detached house living room renovation by I.D.I.D

To perk up the living area, the walls are given a lick of white paint, which lend a fresh and airy look. They also present blank canvases for Wynn Neo of I.D.I.D to work in a nautical-themed living room set. With cove lighting and a large area rug anchoring the space, the modern nautical style of this living room is conducive for familial bonding and formal occasions alike.

semi-detached house kitchen renovation by I.D.I.D

With a brand new configuration which saw the previously separate wet and dry kitchens now combined into one expansive space, the cookspace, despite being enclosed, now feels bigger and much brighter. “We demolished the boundary walls between both kitchens and this introduced lots of daylight into the area,” exclaims Wynn. “Most of all, it opens up the view to the garden.”

semi-detached house dining room renovation by I.D.I.D

All set for stylish dining and entertaining needs, the dining space is decked in warm colours which lend an inviting ambience. Wynn says: “We chose solid wood pieces to highlight the grandeur of the space.” From the buffet to the dining table clad in a regal-looking table cloth in emerald green, the entire setup is all ready to take the family through intimate meals to glorious dinner parties.

semi-detached house study renovation by I.D.I.D

A striped floor rug breaks the contrast of the dark wood pieces by introducing a graphic touch. Most of the existing flooring in the house has been restored and the study’s parquet flooring is no exception. “We love the traditional look and mosaic pattern of the parquet flooring,” says Wynn. “It has been revarnished and there is an application of satin lacquer for the top coating.”

semi-detached house master bedroom renovation by I.D.I.D

The combination of the beautifully revarnished parquet flooring and creamy wall colours, sets the stage for luxury and comfort in the master bedroom. With Wynn’s skilled eye in coordinating the colours and textures for a hotel-inspired style, the room immediately radiates elegance and serenity, especially with the modern classic furnishings put into place.


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