This interior uses vivid colour blocks to create dramatic spaces

D’ Initial Concept shows how to use vivid paint colours to create bold looks in any interior.

  • This interior uses vivid colour blocks to create dramatic spaces

  • This interior uses vivid colour blocks to create dramatic spaces

  • This interior uses vivid colour blocks to create dramatic spaces

Home Type: Showroom

Floor Area: 2,300sqft

Text by Angela Low

This one-of-a-kind showroom by D’ Initial Concept features different rooms, each with its own distinct character. Each room employs a different anchor colour, a visual trick that helps to define each space’s function. This use of colour blocks also helps to maintain a sense of consistency and continuity in design. The end result is a showroom space that feels unique and pared down, yet luxuriously decadent.

colour blocks D' Initial Concept - dining room

The dining space, including the oft-neglected area under the stairs, sports two distinct shades of blue. There’s the lighter hue on the floor and a darker shade on the walls and ceiling. This has been designed to allow the serene wall mural to stand out. Additionally, the double arched display cabinet serves as a second feature, brightening and opening up the tiny area with warm lights and an assemblage of decorative objects.

colour blocks D' Initial Concept - bathroom

A fluted feature wall, spray painted in white, hides the bathroom entrance. The wall also provides an understatedly posh backdrop that sets the stage for the blue floors, and the orange painting to take precedence in this smaller dining space.

The bathroom itself features a deep, lush shade of green. Furthermore, this is juxtaposed with light-coloured terrazzo-like porcelain tiles that deck the floor and vanity counter. “The use of vivid paint colours is a simple way to create a strong, distinct look without breaking the bank,” the team share.

colour blocks D' Initial Concept

The centrepiece of this combined kitchen and dining space is a massive, custom-made ping-pong table with three cylindrical legs of different diameters. This unexpected addition is a multifunctional statement piece that doubles as an extra large dining table for grand gatherings.

The team carved out a corner, “where art lovers can gather around and chill”, and furnished it with a modern, monochrome custom-made designer sideboard and a painting hanging above it. The artwork with its red hues also works to contrast the blue floors, creating a beautiful colour-blocking effect.

D’ Initial Concept

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