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A bright and airy apartment fit for ‘making’, ‘playing’ and ‘being’

Every nook and cranny in this Kuala Lumpur apartment has been lovingly reworked by Empt Studio to be functional, beautiful and reflective of the owners’ personalities.

Home Type: 3-bedroom condo

Floor Area: 1800sqft

Text by Janice Seow

With this project, EMPT Studio was challenged to build a dream home that reflected their clients’ unique quirks.

Given the owners’ love for culinary adventures, the designers decided to name this project “Mise en Place”, a French culinary phrase which means “everything in its place”.

apartment EMPT Studio

“Much like living, we believe every structure, every nook and cranny, must have its own purpose, before one turns a defunct space into a home,” says EMPT Studio designer Jo-Vern.

The clients work in the tech industry, and also often work from home. “With limited access to natural light and small awkward spaces, part of the challenge was to transform this apartment into a cosy home and an inspiring place to create,” Jo-Vern explains.

apartment EMPT Studio

Essential structural changes were made to the apartment with the goal of “shape-shifting dead ends into functional spaces” as Jo-Vern puts it.

With the pre-existing kitchen wall demolished, the couple now has a wider space with easy access to the dining area. On top of that, the designers have made the best use of the uneasy cul-de-sacs in the house. “We’ve constructed a camouflaged walk-in pantry and a shallow bookshelf. This creates more spaces for the beautiful organisation and display their favourite belongings,” says Jo-Vern.

apartment EMPT Studio

Built in speakers, consoles and smart switches add to the effortless and purposeful philosophy of the living spaces. In the effort to optimally draw natural light into the apartment, wall frames and door openings were expanded to full height which creates ‘moving walls’ that maximises the light coming in from the existing floor to ceiling windows. In addition, an arch was added at the doorway that leads to the yard for natural light to funnel back and subtly illuminate a corridor.

apartment EMPT Studio

To fulfil a life of balance, the master bedroom was divided into two separate spaces, for resting and creating. With an efficient space planning, a walk-in wardrobe was also delicately fitted into the bathroom. Meanwhile, a translucent opening was inserted into the bedroom partition wall, which softly diffuses the light coming in from the bedroom’s floor-to-ceiling windows.

apartment Empt Studio

On the other side of the room is a dedicated space for solitude, and collaboration. Bathed in natural light, it meets the couple’s need for a space for ‘making’, ‘playing’ and ‘being’.

apartment EMPT Studio

Empt Studio

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