An Italian style statement

Enchanted by the understated beauty of Italian designs, the owners of this condo asked MET Interior to encapsulate that clean-cut style into their family home.

  • An Italian style statement

Home Type: 4-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 1,475sqft

Text by Disa Tan

To bring a sense of refinement into the dining area, interior designer Martin Gao from MET Interior sought ways to elevate the clean-lined proportions of the materials that were chosen for the space. CERARL panels form the backdrop and set the tone for this elegant scene. Besides using joinery lines to decorate this sleek focal point, he kept the height of the feature wall the same as the walkway for a sense of seamlessness.

Italian style

The feature wall in the living area also expresses understated elegance, as Martin used large format tiles to form an inner layer to frame the flat-screen television. For a more seamless appearance, the tile grouting was specially planned to fall in line with the outline of the television. The tiles were then outlined with 10mm plywood strips and these fluted details add a whole new layer of visual depth.

“The challenge was to find the balance between luxury and simplicity,” says Martin when it came down to selecting the right materials for the home. Therefore, he made sure the kitchen would fit within its surroundings and not feel at odds with the other classy Italian details of the home. A lightly-veined marble look paired with a dark matte finish for the cabinetry marks a perfect look of sophistication for the kitchen.

For a stronger visual impact, Martin selected similar colour tones for the bathroom surfaces but used different marble-look textures. This visual play on stone-like patterns takes the look of luxury to the next level, especially when it is paired with clean lines and a wide LED lighting strip that enhances the opulence in the bathroom.

MET Interior

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