A bright, modern home in white

Having worked with MET Interior’s Melvin Tan
for their first home, the family of three returned 
to him to design their second home. What they got was a clean, modern home with plenty of concealed storage.

  • A bright, modern home in white

  • A bright, modern home in white

  • A bright, modern home in white

  • A bright, modern home in white

Home Type: 5-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 1,184sqft

Text by Angela Low

An affordable way to introduce a statement-making visual element that doesn’t take up any space is to spruce up the TV feature wall. For this flat, the designer used laminates to create an alternating pattern of white wood and marble stripes. “Not only does it intrigue with its unorthodox yet elegant pairing, the vertical stripes also create the illusion of height in a compact HDB unit,” shares Melvin Tan. Like a form of wall art, it is the highlight of the entire home.

modern home_HDB_MET_Interior

This nifty feature wall epitomises the marriage of form and function. Beyond 
its aesthetic value, it hides 
the TV’s unsightly AV wires; stores shoes, bags and other knick-knacks; and conceals
 the entrance to the bomb shelter and common bedroom. “Designed to remedy the ‘weird layout’ of the living room, 
it simplifies the space, and maintains a clean and flush profile,” Melvin explains. A nook is also carved out of the false wall for the couple to display their most prized possessions.


Due to the space constraints of this HDB
 flat, the wall between the kitchen and the living space was removed and replaced with glass sliding doors. It gives the illusion of space, does not obstruct light
 and airflow, and keeps the miasma of cooking at bay. Homogeneous marble-
like tiles for the kitchen backsplash offer a look
 of refinement (without breaking the bank) and juxtaposes with the matte texture of the cabinets.


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