Resort-style maisonette with edge

Importing the charms of Koh Samui into this maisonette, MET Interior worked with cement to capture a ‘laid-back meets industrial’ style.

  • Resort-style maisonette with edge

Home Type: HDB maisonette

Floor Area: 1,572sqft

Text by Disa Tan

Interior designer Young Tay, who helmed the renovation of this maisonette, says: “Having a large kitchen is necessary, as the homeowners would be having weekly gatherings.” They also asked for an island and to accommodate a three-metre long counter, he had most of the boundary walls in the lower level of the unit removed. Now topped with granite, the large island allows the homeowners to dine, cook and interact with guests simultaneously.

resort and industrial style maisonette

Applying cement screed to the ceilings of this maisonette was quite a novel touch as compared to the common treatment of having it on the walls and floors. Young adds: “We created a ‘floating’ ceiling by using cement textures. Of course, the work was not easy at all for the contractors who applied it by hand!” Their efforts do not go to unnoticed as it takes the moody industrial aesthetic to the next level.

industrial style bedroom and wardrobe

Two common bedrooms have been merged to form this spacious master bedroom, which also features a walk-in wardrobe. The free-flowing expanse of space evokes major resort vibes and with the wardrobe encased in tinted glass, it lends a lofty industrial appeal to room.

cement screeded bathroom

The use of cement is also explored in the master bathroom, which features cement screed walls, a soak tub and a gorgeous double vanity counter. This elongated counter for his-and-hers sinks is constructed entirely out of cement and the soft patina makes for a striking centerpiece in the en-suite bathroom.

MET Interior

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