592 square feet of Scandinavian serenity

Right Angle Studio forms new possibilities within the rigid layout of a small 592-square-foot apartment.

  • 592 square feet of Scandinavian serenity

Home Type: 2-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 592sqft

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

Located along Silat Avenue within the charming Bukit Merah district is a cosy 592-square-foot apartment where a mother-daughter duo call home. The homeowner, a finance professional who cherishes her Scandinavian sojourns, sought to infuse her abode with the tranquillity she experienced in Copenhagen.

Right Angle Studio

Initiated as a challenge to push the boundaries of small apartments, the design intent for this newly-built residence is to make the space perceivably larger than its actual footprint without altering the apartment’s structural integrity. Thus, under the creative guidance of interior designers Alex Liu, Jay Liu and Goh Yuying of Right Angle Studio, the apartment underwent a transformative renovation that has redefined the essence of space.

Right Angle Studio

The solution the team came up with was ingenious. They removed existing doors to install concealed ones that integrate oak panelling across both sides of the walls, thus creating an elongated tunnel effect in the unit. “Every inch of the apartment reflects the homeowner’s desire for a serene and uninterrupted living space,” share the designers. “With the flushed carpentry doubling as concealed entrances to the bedrooms, we’ve achieved a harmonious interior that caters for seamless transition of spaces.”

The original layout, dictated by structural walls, remained untouched. Yet the space was reborn through thoughtful design choices. In the living room, the King Living Kato Sofa invites relaxation, while the &Tradition Flowerpot Table Lamp and Carl Hansen & Søn E015 Embrace Lounge Chair add touches of elegance and comfort. Adding a touch of artistic flair to the space is The Wrong Shop Ronan Bouroullec Drawing Series.

Adjacent to the living room is the dining area, seamlessly extending to the balcony. Here, a Hay Palissade Cone Dining Table takes centre stage, offering a perfect spot for enjoying meals while soaking in the scenic views.

Right Angle Studio

While the kitchen by the entrance retains its original design from the developer, Right Angle Studio created an additional pantry in the living space to alleviate the appliance load, further liberating the confined kitchen space. Furnished with a Carl Hansen & Søn E015 Embrace Lounge Chair, the compact pantry serves as an additional seating area, perfect for enjoying a quiet moment with a cup of coffee or tea.

Right Angle Studio

The bedrooms, personalised sanctuaries for the mother and daughter, showcase the most intriguing design elements. “We designed a bespoke wardrobe for one of the rooms, incorporating a work desk that blends seamlessly with the room’s structure,” the team explain. “It’s about maximising functionality without compromising on style.”

Right Angle Studio’s approach to respecting the apartment’s original character while embracing the homeowner’s love for Scandinavian aesthetics has resulted in a harmonious and visually stunning living environment. The renovation journey may have been a mere three months, but the impact of this design will be felt for years to come.

Right Angle Studio

Photography by Studio Periphery

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