The Lookbox Living Small Space issue is out!

In our latest Lookbox Living Small Space issue, we show you many amazing ways to live it up in small homes. Grab your copy today and get inspired!

The Lookbox Living Small Space issue is out!

Note from the editor, Janice Seow

How much space do you need to be comfortable and happy? In truth, there’s no one answer – it all boils down to individual preference, cultural norms, expectations and lifestyles.

Lookbox Living small space atomi
Leaf table from atomi

In general, social crowding and the stresses of living in cramped spaces are growing issues in urban cities around the world. And in response, companies, designers and even lifestyle gurus have come up with many great ideas, products and solutions to help make life in a small apartment or flat not merely bearable, but comfortable, and yes, enjoyable.

Lookbox Living small space
730sqft HDB flat by The Merry Men Interiors

In our Lookbox Living Small Space issue, we’ve picked stylish homes in Singapore under 750sqft that not only optimise their modest real estate in a variety of innovative ways, but also cater for privacy and help foster connection in shared living spaces.

Lookbox Living small space
140sqft home in London by Studiomama

And for those who think they have it bad, we show examples of homes overseas that push the creative envelope in ultra-tight quarters, from a miniscule 140sqft London pad for one to a 450sqft two-bedder apartment in Hong Kong for four.

Lookbox Living small space studio adjective
Minimalist apartment in Hong Kong by Studio Adjective 

The minimalist movement is gaining speed, no doubt in part driven by the decrease in the average home size in cities. In our story Less Is More, we speak with a professional organiser, a minimalism advocate and YouTuber, and a designer to explore minimalism’s appeal, and the ways one can live out that lifestyle at home.

Lookbox Living small space IKEA
ROGNAN shape-shifting furniture system by IKEA, in collaboration with Ori, debuting in Hong Kong and Japan in 2020

Last but not least, don’t forget to check out our list of inspired ideas for ways to utilise every square inch of your home.

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Grab your copy of the Lookbox Living Small Space issue (#60) at newsstands today.

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