Home, your space for Entertaining

Home is not just a shelter. For many, it’s a social space for having friends and family over. See how these homes create inviting spaces for gathering and great conversations.

  • Home, your space for Entertaining

  • Home, your space for Entertaining

  • Home, your space for Entertaining

A homeowner’s brief to an interior designer often goes like this: “I’d like a comfortable and functional space, lots of storage… and I’d also like be able to entertain.”

Truth is, entertaining at home has become one of the most desired requests from homeowners. After spending much time and money renovating their homes, it’s easy to see why. Homeowners are proud of their homes – but also, home is often a comfortable, familiar and intimate space where close ones can come together and simply enjoy each other’s company at a slower pace, away from the hustle and bustle of busy malls or loud restaurants.

Here are 3 homes with great spaces for entertaining.

#1 Island counter as a centrepiece


When the founders of interior design firm Wee Studio designed their own 5-room HDB flat, they completely transformed it with glamorous details and experimental ideas. The island counter is positioned right in the middle of the living room, and is designed as a gathering space for guests. The customed piece is highly functional, with multiple storage units hidden behind the wall for easy access to cutlery and entertaining essentials. It also comes with a built-in refrigerator. Patterned floor tiles help to emphasise this entertaining area.

#2 A house with a bar


When a pair of jet-setting homeowners fell in love with a large 2.3-metre long dining table, they asked their designer Tommy Lai to build their 5-room HDB BTO flat around it. So the table was given prime position as a place for gathering, with everything else laid out to fit its arrangement. Tommy also designed a customised whisky bar next the dining area to fully showcase the owners’ enviable collection of whisky. It’s made of stainless steel, powder coated black to complement the rustic lines of the dining table. Its top is aluminium coated gold for a touch of luxe, and varnished to make it a hardwearing surface for bottles and glassware.

#3 Party on the balcony


The owner of this two-storey penthouse has combined his love for art, design and colour to achieve an eclectic home brimming with personality. He has chosen to maximise the very generous balcony space by incorporating different alfresco seating zones, a dining area, along with a vertical garden wall. The indoor living space offers both large and open areas for hanging out, and more intimate spaces for private conversations.

To all interior designers, the Lookbox Design Awards is about to honour home projects with outstanding spaces for entertaining. For more information, visit the Lookbox Design Awards website.

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