Wireless Chimes Kits from Legrand

Elegant, versatile and fuss-free; Legrand’s wireless chime kits are ideal for the modern home

Wireless Chimes Kits from Legrand

When renovating a home, it’s the small details that can be easily overlooked. The door chime for example, can be easily forgotten during the home renovation process. Electrical specialist Legrand offers fuss- and frill-free wireless door chimes that lend itself to your preferred lifestyle. 

The chime kits consist of a receiver and a transmitter, so you have the versatility of configuring the placement to your liking. Selected models even feature a transmitter with an additional desk stand, allowing you to place the receiver anywhere you like. The kits run on AA alkaline batteries, so you won’t have to worry about unsightly wires and cables snaking around the home. They even feature user-friendly installation to ensure minimal complication when you integrate it into your home.
Legrand’s wireless chime kits have a selection of up to 36 polymorphic melodies, ranging from the traditional doorbell to more soothing tunes. If you prefer not to be surprised by the sudden chiming of doorbells, you can configure the kit to operate in silent mode. An LED light indicator lets you know when someone’s at the door without interrupting your peace and quiet.


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