Playful penthouse with a double-height study

This black and white penthouse sports splashes of colour and graphical features that express the owners’ love for music and dogs.

  • Playful penthouse with a double-height study

Home Type: 3-bedroom penthouse

Floor Area: 1,900sqft

Text by Stephanie Peh

Reflecting the style preferences and interests of the homeowners, this penthouse features a monochromatic colour scheme with pops of colour and graphical designs. An oversized guitar cutout enhances the wall display of the owners’ guitar collection with a ‘play’ neon light installation above.

penthouse with graphical details

Various graphics were incorporated to reflect the homeowners’ love for dogs and music. The shoe cabinet for one, features a dog silhouette, composed of layers of laminate to give it a three-dimensional look.

penthouse with graphical details

Instead of being the main focus upon entering this penthouse, the living area hides behind a wall featuring a ‘chill’ sticker, while the kitchen and dining area are more obvious. This steps away from convention as a testament that there are no rules when it comes to building spaces so long as it suits the lifestyle of the users.

monochromatic kitchen

The original kitchen wall was removed to create a more spacious looking and functional kitchen. A stylish island hood hangs above the newly created peninsula counter to minimise cooking fumes. With white carpentry and black backsplash and counters, the monochromatic theme continues.

open-concept study

To create an open-concept study, the designer demolished one wall and converted the balcony into an indoor space. Seeing that the couple spends a lot of time at home, each space blends seamlessly into the next with subtle division. From the study, the kitchen and dining area are visible, and vice versa.

double-height study in penthouse

The designers only discovered the double volume height in the study after completing the hacking work. The unexpected situation was turned into an advantage by maximising storage spaces and incorporating a cage ladder as a functional feature piece. Graphical elements continue in the study with a large pencil graphic and ‘@work’ sign.

black and white bedroom with pops of red

The black and white scheme dominates once again in the bedroom, with splashes of red coming from the wall lamp and pop art. The white bedside table features bold stripes, and it’s such details that enhance the space without overpowering.

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