What if your mattress could be modular?

You’ve heard of the modular sofa, now meet its mattress counterpart. The new Sleep+ mattress from King Living features components that can be changed to meet different and changing needs.

  • What if your mattress could be modular?

  • What if your mattress could be modular?

  • What if your mattress could be modular?

  • What if your mattress could be modular?

  • What if your mattress could be modular?

Text Janice Seow

King Living’s modular sofas are well known. They all feature components that come together seamlessly, and can be easily reconfigurable into different formats, making them ideal for flexible, modern living. They are also recognised for their comfort and extreme durability.

Now, the company has launched a new premium mattress range that carries all the elements that the brand is known for. Every layer of the Sleep+ Mattress conforms to the unique contours of the individual. It also features zoned pocket springs throughout, based on the KingCell Pocket Spring system that has been used in King Living sofas for over 30 years.


The company’s modular ethos is displayed in the changeable components in each mattress that can be tailored to the specific firmness requirements of each user at any time. All one needs to do is simply unzip the top layer to change or customise the components within.

The features:

There are two fit covers to choose from. AirFit is a soft, breathable, quality knitted stretch fabric that’s machine washable, and CoolFit keeps you naturally cool while you sleep, thanks to the gel infused fabric.


There are four options of Comfort Layers to choose from. These promote maximum airflow and breathability, while the dual-sided design offers a soft support on one side and a firmer support on the reverse that can be flipped and changed at any time.

– The Hybrid Comfort Layer is a premium comfort foam that offers a high density latex on one side for natural support, and a softer memory foam on the other.

– Latex Comfort Layer features super high-density latex on one side and a soft latex on the other. What you get is the buoyant, uplifting feel of pure latex.

– Memory Comfort Layer features gel infused memory foam with dual sides. The memory foam slowly moulds itself much more efficiently to the contours of your body shape leading to a better distribution of weight on the mattress which helps promote blood circulation.

– Premium Firm Comfort Layer features a combination of quality high density quality foams for those who prefer a firmer sleeping surface.


Other benefits:

Cleaning and refreshing the mattress is a breeze with an easy-to-remove air mesh cover. The optional FlexMat also provides personalised support and comfort, great for those who have partners with different sleeping preferences.





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