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This outdoor furniture line by Dedon wants to round off

Cirql by Werner Aisslinger is designed to have lasting appeal.

Text by Narelle Yabuka

Berlin-based designer Werner Aisslinger has designed Dedon’s stand at the Salone del Mobile for the past two years, but this year he presented his first product for the brand. Cirql is an outdoor collection combining the geometry of circles with the heritage of weaving in the Philippines, where Dedon manufactures.

The series comprises a lounge chair, a dining chair and a side table or stool. Like the name suggests, the design is characterised by three friendly, circular shapes on a powder-coated aluminium frame.

The chair was designed for one of Studio Aisslinger’s interior projects – the 25 Hours Hotel Cologne, which will open in June this year. Housed within a semi-circular building from the 1950s, the hotel’s terrace will feature a restaurant and bar. It was a strong motivation as well as an inspiration for this range of outdoor furniture.

For his design, Aisslinger aimed at creating a new archetypal shape – something that creates a natural sense of connection as if it had somehow always been around.

“But it’s always a challenge to design something that’s so natural and clear that it looks like it might have been used by my grandmother in another colour. How do you design something that has a certain basic structure and language – something so simple that it’s understandable and clear, and that you could also accept for 10 to 20 years? You can’t achieve this goal in every product design, but it’s always something I have in my mind as a designer,” he adds.

In Singapore, Dedon is carried by Xtra.


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