Here’s the secret to a truly therapeutic showering experience

The PowderRain spray featured in the Rainfinity handshower is a latest innovation from hansgrohe that’s taking the showering experience to new, sublime levels of enjoyment.

Here’s the secret to a truly therapeutic showering experience

Text by Janice Seow

Thanks to years of extensive R&D and collaborations with some of design’s greatest minds, hansgrohe has turned the routine act of showering into a highly indulgent experience.

The PowderRain spray found in their Rainfinity handshowers is a latest example that highlights the company’s ability to deliver truly innovative showering solutions.

showering PowderRain hansgrohe

Showering under a PowderRain spray is akin to having thousands of water droplets gently wrapping the body in a blanket of water. The secret? Instead of only one spray outlet per nozzle, PowderRain has four fine openings that transform the spray into thousands of micro droplets by means of sophisticated technology. A single PowderRain spray is therefore much finer than conventional shower jets. The droplets are so light that they fall gently on the skin without bouncing off, which automatically reduces splashing and allows for a quieter – and more relaxing – showering experience.

showering PowderRain hansgrohe

Located at the centre of the jet disc, a second spray mode, Intense PowderRain, offers a concentrated jet that makes it easier than ever to rinse out shampoo.

To complete the spa-like experience, a third spray mode called MonoRain provides a soothing regenerative effect on the arms and legs with targeted and powerful Kneipp-inspired jets.

showering PowderRain hansgrohe

An elegant design through and through, PowderRain’s technical offering is beautifully ‘hidden’ within a simply structured jet disc, and highlighted in a contemporary shade of graphite.


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