3 kitchen fittings that will simplify your life

The right kitchen fittings should not only look great, but also make work in the kitchen easy, seamless and enjoyable. Here are three great products from hansgrohe to help you get there.

  • 3 kitchen fittings that will simplify your life

  • 3 kitchen fittings that will simplify your life

  • 3 kitchen fittings that will simplify your life

Working in the kitchen can be hugely satisfying – the creativity, the process, the resulting food. But there’s no denying that it is work. With that in mind, here are three kitchen fittings from hansgrohe that are sure to simplify things and ensure cooking ease so there’s more room for creativity and fun as you go about your chores.

#1 The hansgrohe Metris Select kitchen mixer

kitchen fittings hansgrohe

How many times do you find yourself unable to turn your mixer on or off because you’re carrying a heavy pot? Or how about having to clean the tap after touching it with oily or floury hands? Understanding these daily challenges, hansgrohe has introduced the Metris Select, a beautiful and ergonomically designed kitchen mixer that not only works well with most kitchen styles, but also offers unprecedented freedom of movement in the kitchen.

With the specially engineered Select button located at the front of the spout, users can turn the water on and off while tackling kitchen chores, without impeding the flow of work. The button’s large and very legible on/off symbols make it easy to operate, even with one’s elbow! And just as they would with conventional single lever mixers, with Metris Select users can also turn on the water flow at the handle and set the required temperature and water amount as needed – while subsequently turning the water on or off via the Select button. No electricity or extra equipment is required as the technology behind Select is purely mechanical.

#2 The hansgrohe SilicaTec granite sink

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Not all sinks are created equal – the new hansgrohe SilicaTec granite range of kitchen sinks, made in Germany and designed by Phoenix Design, exemplifies the finest in kitchen fittings. With models like single bowl sinks with a drain board and double bowl sinks, done in a sleek graphite black style, this offering from hansgrohe is impossible to ignore.

Using a composite of quartz and acrylic resins, SilicaTec’s finish has a natural look and pleasing touch, but there’s more to this marvel than aesthetics. The rounded quartz particles and the constitution of granite make for a smooth, hard and non-porous surface that’s easy to clean and naturally dirt repellent. SilicaTec’s precisely engineered surface is also odourless, heat resistant, food safe and impact resistant, making it a robust and attractive all-rounder for even the most hectic of kitchens.

#3 The hansgrohe sBox

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The sink is the undeniable hub of the kitchen, and every engagement with it should be as easy as possible. While it needs to look great and be highly functional, what goes on under the hood needs to be well designed as well. The new hansgrohe sBox keeps the sink’s base cabinet tidy, ensuring reliable functioning. It stores the hose of the pull-out spray in a flat box that’s designed to fit standard base cabinets. This protects the hose from being bumped into by drawers and waste bins, and ensures smooth and quiet operation so you can get on with your chores in the kitchen without any fuss.


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