HDB flat inspired by the Hamptons

d’Phenomenal has designed this HDB flat to be reminiscent of a relaxed, oceanfront beach house from the Hamptons.

  • HDB flat inspired by the Hamptons

Home Type: 5-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 1,227sqft

Text by Redzman Rahmat

A family of three turned to the designers from d’Phenomenal to bring their vision of a dream home to life. The brief was clear: the homeowners were inspired by the Hamptons look, with its slow life appeal, strong colour story, and an aesthetic that mixes rustic charm with contemporary flair.

Hamptons inspired d'Phenomenal project

“We took a step back to check out references for the Hamptons concept of interior design,” explains the d’Phenomenal designer. “It was light, bright and whitewashed, with a sophisticated yet laidback by-the-beach sort of vibe.”

Hamptons inspired d'Phenomenal project

With that in mind, the design team took inspiration from the colours of the oceanscape: blue tones to represent the sea and greyish taupe on the floors to mimic sand. Another key element of the Hamptons look is the use of Victorian trimming on the front panels of built-in pieces. The result? An HDB flat that embodies the essence of a posh beachfront house.

d'Phenomenal project

The designers then removed all internal walls, opening up the flat to new design possibilities. This also allowed them to reconfigure the spatial flow of the home, adapting the floor plan to meet the family’s daily needs.

d'Phenomenal project

One of the first things they noted was the awkward layout of certain structural walls. For example, a single, free-standing structural wall couldn’t be knocked down. It was initially part of the common bathroom, and now, it stands awkwardly in the middle of the living room. To accommodate this, the design team extended the master bedroom, designing the space to incorporate the rogue wall without compromising the floor area in the living room.

d'Phenomenal project

Now, the living room is a seamless space that remains open and unobstructed. Storage was a key consideration, so the designers built plenty of cabinets. The prominent household shelter was an initial concern, so the design team clad it in the same style as its surrounding cabinets.


Another highlight of this home is in the kitchen and bathrooms. Here, the designers were a little more playful with the use of patterned tiles on the floors. But it’s not just about the aesthetics. “Cleaning the tile grouting is always a hassle for a lot of people. So instead of having grout lines to worry about, we used microcement to form naturally screeded walls that are much easier to maintain,” the designer explains. 

kid room

The girl’s bedroom has been completely reconfigured. Two bedrooms have been combined into one spacious room for the young girl, complete with a study area and a dedicated play area. The most intriguing design however, is with its lighting. “The owner loves the star gazing experience, so we wanted to bring that into the daughter’s room.” The result is a circular cove cut-out in the ceiling, outfitted with fibre optic lighting that can be configured to any colour on the RGB spectrum. “It feels like we’re bringing the northern lights into the room,” says the designer.


The master bedroom is swathed in a rich midnight blue. It’s a calming shade that brings to mind the tranquility of the twilight sky. In the en suite walk-in wardrobe, a wall of mirrors helps to visually open up the space. “We’re glad we decided to open up the space. It allowed us to have a bigger area that can cater to a sleeping zone, a workstation and the walk-in wardrobe.”



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Vinyl floors in living room and bedrooms from FloorXpert
Lighting in living room from Vlux Lighting
Laminates on living room cabinets from Panaplast
Floor tiles in kitchen and bathrooms from Hafary
Sinks and taps in kitchen from hansgrohe
Laminate in bedrooms and bathrooms from EDL

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