Shades of Urban: Lamitak presents sophisticated city living with an edge

The new urban dwelling is worldly and sophisticated. Explore different shades of this modern city lifestyle with Lamitak.

  • Shades of Urban: Lamitak presents sophisticated city living with an edge

Text by Janice Seow

‍This Lookbox Edit is the second instalment in the Lamitak series ‘Design is a Way of Life’. Titled Shades of Urban, it introduces a new urban lifestyle that is unequivocally modern and sophisticated, but with an edge.

At home, this is confidently expressed through worldly and discerning tastes, and a deep appreciation for art and design. Spaces are minimalist yet elegant and handsome, and convey style and functionality in equal measure. Amidst bustling city life, it’s a comfortable and luxurious sanctum. A precious retreat. Download now to discover more about Shades of Urban.

Shades of Urban by Lamitak

About Lookbox Edit:
The Lookbox Edit offers a unique perspective on exceptional brands and products in Singapore and across the region. In this edition, Lamitak takes the spotlight.

About the Lamitak series, Design is a Way of Life:
Driven by the conviction that Design is a Way of Life, Lamitak has introduced a laminate series that conveys new and evolving ways of living. Each artfully curated collection narrates a unique ‘theme’ of life in these times, expressed through laminates.

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