Roomstylers LED by Philips

Philips introduces a new indulgence for the design savvy.

Roomstylers LED by Philips

Every home is an extension of its owner’s personality. This applies to every single detail in the interior, including lighting. Keeping this in mind, the design savvy home owner will certainly take to Philips innovative, new lighting concept, Roomstylers LED collection, very well. It is a range of lamps that makes use of LED technology to push the boundaries of lighting design in the home.

The Philips Cielo, part of the Roomstylers range, is a stunning example of lighting innovation at Philips and is also a 2011 iF product design award winner. It strikes a fine balance between archetypal lighting and groundbreaking design. What seems to be familiar at first reveals an exquisite and surprisingly avant-garde design on closer inspection – a lamp without a visible bulb. Turn it on and the shade delicately lights up from within the shade itself, illuminating its surrounding in an ethereal glow.


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