Refreshing ceramic tiles with trending looks

These ceramic tiles in the Metropolitain collection present concrete, wood, and stone in the shape of the iconic subway tile.

  • Refreshing ceramic tiles with trending looks

  • Refreshing ceramic tiles with trending looks

  • Refreshing ceramic tiles with trending looks

Text by Jasmine Goh

Materials such as granite, concrete screed, marble, and wood are becoming a popular choice in many homes and commercial interiors. Subway tiles have also made a return, lending its iconic look to many home kitchens and bathrooms. These interior trends have naturally in turn influenced the colour and material palettes in other design sectors. ZYX, known for their three-dimensional ceramic designs, developed their latest collection, Metropolitain, based on these trending colours and materials.

The Metropolitain collection comprises three design varieties: Avenue, Stadion, and Museum. Each has its own distinct look but are unified in their approach to creating a modern and stylish space for the urban dweller.

With their fine details and subtle shades, the finishes in the Avenue range are reminiscent of cement screed and granite, two extremely popular surface materials today. These finishings come in full fronts and with the choice of a wood bevel, allowing you to select a design that best complements your interiors. 

The Museum range uses a combination of black and white marble-look ceramic tiles for high contrast and glamour.

The Stadion range is inspired by Nordic-style woods. Designed to resemble light woodgrains, Stadion adds warmth and texture to a space. These ceramic tiles with a wood look also make an ideal alternative to actual wood planks due to their ease of maintenance in humid areas. 

These ceramic wall tiles in the Metropolitain collection measure 20cm by 10cm and are available at Hafary, the leading supplier of building materials.




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