Domestic comforts – D’ Initial Concept

Clean lines and neutral tones reveal a cosy home that harmoniously combines creative space planning with subtle material accents, achieving a delicate balance between practical functionality and aesthetically pleasing design.

  • Domestic comforts – D’ Initial Concept

Text by Olha Romaniuk

Project type: 4-bedroom condominium unit
Floor area: 1,819sqft

Spaces suitable for the gathering of family and friends were of great importance to the owners of this condo unit – a couple with two daughters. To craft a sense of warmth and comfort suitable for such occasions, D’ Initial Concept opted for an eye-pleasing palette of muted wood tones, warm greys and beiges, mixed with cosy furniture upholstered in subdued colours.

The living room showcases a striking feature wall, complemented by a matching console and couch. A snug cove light detail adds warmth to the sleek, cohesive backdrop, fostering an inviting ambience.

D' Initial Concept project

The dining room cabinetry reveals more of the discreet detailing and subtle lighting that highlights the display shelves and personal items displayed on them. Complemented by simple yet cosy furniture pieces, the set up strikes a balance between the serene and practical.

D' Initial Concept project

The discreet bathroom door is minimally detailed with bronze trimming to blend with the built-in cabinetry with similar accent details. When closed, this entrance becomes a part of the feature wall arrangement, seamlessly concealing the bathroom behind it.

D' Initial Concept project

Spaces previously designated as a study, a helper’s room and a bathroom in the original layout were converted into the client’s younger daughter’s bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and a walk-in wardrobe. Walls had to be reconfigured and entryways shifted to create a more seamless connection between the bedroom and the bathroom, while the vanity was moved into the wardrobe area to further expand the bathroom space.

D' Initial Concept project

In the master bathroom, D’ Initial Concept removed the original bathtub and relocated the shower to make space for a longer vanity area. The resulting double sink is decked in marble for a touch of sophistication, while the finishes of the cabinetry below add warmth to the bathroom’s material palette.

D' Initial Concept project

A vanity corner intersects with a round mirror, creating an uncluttered space for morning preparations. The tonal palette is carefully confined to shades of grey and enhanced with texture. Furniture plays a key role in infusing warmth into the corner.

In the elder daughter’s bedroom, deep green and warm grey hues set up a calming atmosphere conducive to relaxation and rest. A fluted glass door separates the sleeping area from the bathroom, allowing light to pass through and maintaining a sense of connection between the spaces.

D' Initial Concept project

The bedroom features an external vanity area tucked in a corner, and the deeper tones create a feeling of this being a little private hideaway. Enhanced by warm lighting, the space exudes a sense of cosiness and relaxation.

D' Initial Concept project

The previous bathroom in the yard was converted to a guest bathroom with a proper shower stall. Here, inky dark tones take centre stage and create a private sanctuary with a cosy atmosphere.

D’ Initial Concept


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