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5 reasons why all homes should have a modular lighting system

Forget individual light fixtures that require you to plan every electrical point in advance when you can have an all-in-one system that offers greater versatility and peace of mind.

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

These days, flexibility and modularity are key requirements in home design as more and more people have to contend to tighter living spaces. Verde Light shares this consensus and thus created MAG-LUME, a magnetic lighting system that allows for modular change of fittings as spaces change and shift according to lifestyle needs. Whether you’re thinking to up your lighting game or invest in an all-in-one solution, here are some of the reasons why we think the MAG-LUME is one of the greatest lighting inventions of modern times.

#1 Multiple mounting options

The MAG-LUME is a groundbreaking magnetic lighting system for recessed, surface and suspended installation characterised by its high flexibility. Great for walls and ceilings, it can also be mounted onto wood surfaces like a ceiling or wall feature for an unobtrusive aesthetic.

#2 Various light modules

The MAG-LUME system has a variety of light modules to meet every requirement. It gives users the option of choosing direct or indirect light modules, plus the possibility of adding spots and decorative lamps (such as pendant lamps) to combine general, accent, and detailed lighting in a single profile.

Verde Light MAG-LUME modular lighting system

#3 Hassle free installation

The quick change system of multiple light modules offers users the flexibility to achieve a subtle or dramatic effect for any requirement or setting without the need for tools. It’s as simple as sliding the light modules into the magnetic track system thanks to MAG-LUME’s patented conductive design of multi-point contact.

#4 Streamlined and modular design

Unlike bulky light fixtures, the MAG-LUME system doesn’t take up much space at all with no wires in sight thanks to its magnetic system. Its slim and sleek design makes it possible to be configured in the tiniest to the largest of spaces. Meanwhile, its modularity allows the addition or subtraction of light modules, which can adjusted vertically or horizontally at any given time.

Mag Lume System\ The Way You Want It

A groundbreaking profile system for recessed, surface & suspended installation characterized by its high flexibility. The Moduline is equipped with integrated direct or indirect lighting modules plus the possibility of adding spots in order to combine general, accent, and detailed lighting in a single profile. #verdelightsingapore #lighting #ledlighting #magneticlightingsystem #modern #creativelighting #versatility #interior

Posted by Verde Light on Wednesday, 20 May 2020

#5 Durable construction

Made with durable powder coated 6063 aluminium, fittings remain rust-free throughout their lifetime. Not to mention, the strong magnets ensure that light modules fit securely in place at all times.

Verde Light

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