Natural Wood Furniture by Galanga Living

Galanga Living offers dashing Danish designs with its latest range of Natural Azobe Wood furniture.

Natural Wood Furniture by Galanga Living

Should you need to create a list of the merits of timber, it would definitely run the gamut of benefits a material can offer. Among these plus points, durability, character and warmth are what wooden furniture has always been known for. And who understand these better than the Scandinavians?

It’s not surprising then that Galanga Living should launch its latest natural azobe wood furniture from Denmark, where the Scandinavians have never ceased to create perfect proportions with superb craftsmanship. Galanga Living, founded by Gitte Svarrer and Elsebeth D. Spangsberg from Denmark, is all about fusing Danish design sensibilities with contemporary Asian homes – and the new line is highly representative of the company’s design philosophy.


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