This luxury vinyl flooring is timeless in all ways

Wood Culture’s Live vinyl flooring captures the allure and resilience of wood without the fussy maintenance.

  • This luxury vinyl flooring is timeless in all ways

Text by Disa Tan

Hardwood flooring may be a design classic, but the hefty upkeep will have you thinking twice about choosing it. That’s where vinyl flooring has the advantage, especially the new Live luxury vinyl flooring collection by BerryAlloc. Available at Wood Culture, these easy-to-maintain vinyl planks and tiles emulate the beauty and warmth of wood so superbly that you can’t believe it’s not wood.

Wood Culture Live vinyl flooring

Designed for daily convenience

Unlike hardwood which is susceptible to moisture, Live vinyl flooring is highly water-resistant. It sports a protective polyurethane lacquer to shield the flooring from wear and tear, and makes it effortless to clean.

Wood Culture Live vinyl flooring

Plus with their slip-resistant and sound-insulating attributes, the flooring works well in a household with kids, seniors, pets or plants.

Great for high-traffic areas

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Developed and manufactured in Belgium, the Live collection undergoes stringent quality control for an extremely reliable product synonymous with BerryAlloc’s trusted reputation. The flooring is backed by the patented Rigid Composite Board (RCB) for a tough core able to withstand temperature changes and fluctuations. Its stability proves to be ideal for high-traffic zones like the living and dining areas.

Versatile applications

Wood Culture Live vinyl flooring

Besides its wood-look aesthetics inspired by traditional or sophisticated wood styles, the Live collection carries modern stone-look designs as well. That grants you the choice of either wood or stone effects and in matte finishes to complement the style of your home. It has a total of eight designs for vinyl planks, and four for vinyl tiles.

Eco-friendly living

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Free of phthalates or chemicals usually added to plastics, the Live luxury vinyl flooring collection brings greater assurance to your household. It has received ‘Gold’ in the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort certification which ensures all Live vinyl planks and tiles fulfil the low emissions requirement.

It also has less impact on the ecological footprint with a reduction of 30 per cent in materials as compared to other products in the market. Best of all, it is 100 per cent recyclable at the end of its long lifespan.

Wood Culture

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