KNX System by ABB

ABB’s KNX Systems gives you complete control of your systems in a convenient and centralised display

KNX System by ABB
As more homeowners become aware of the benefits of having a smart, automated home, leading brands like ABB are coming up with new technology and innovative systems that make life at home even easier. 
ABB’s Busch-Jaeger KNX systems give you complete control over the light, heat, fresh air supply and blinds in your home. You can also integrate the system with your media technology and the Internet, opening up even more possibilities in your smart home. 
The KNX system is equally impressive on the aesthetic front. The multifunction control elements make use of an LED colour code that is intuitive and easy to understand. A single glance at the switches, rockers or controllers is all it takes to understand its functions, giving you ease of usage and a quick and simple way to control the systems in your home. 


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