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Your kitchen cabinet carcase is more important than you think!

The cabinet carcase is not just for storage, it’s the basic building block of the kitchen. Get it done right with the Huracan system from aluminium kitchen manufacturer Alustil.

Text by Jasmine Goh

For many households, the kitchen is considered the most hardworking area in the home. And if you cook and prepare meals regularly, the kitchen stands up to a lot of heat, moisture, wear and tear. Having a strong and durable foundation is imperative for your kitchen to serve you and still look good in the long run.

Building a strong foundation in your kitchen starts with the cabinet carcase. Alustil‘s Huracan system features a carcase with solid frames and joints that can withstand hard knocks and heavy usage. Within the structure of this aluminium cabinet system, peg holes and shelf pegs offer flexibility in the arrangement of your shelves. Each shelf is made to be a hardwearing surface for all your storage needs. For easy maintenance, the inner corners of the cabinet are designed without any edges, ensuring minimal dust accumulation and less cleaning.


As the basic building block of the kitchen, the cabinet carcase of Alustil’s Huracan system offers both stability and modularity. Alustil believes that each kitchen should be customised to the needs and lifestyle of the user. With the Huracan system, you can be assured of a strong, sustainable cabinet system that is not only good to look at, but also practical in usage.

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