IQue Window Films from V-Kool International

IQue window films efficiently combat issues of heat and glare

  • IQue Window Films from V-Kool International

In scorching Singapore, the battle against heat and glare is a perpetual one. In buildings, how windows are treated are of utmost importance for heat and glare control. Through the years, IQue is one brand that has established itself as a leader in providing high performance window films.

Engineered by V-Kool, IQue films reject over 96% of infrared rays while allowing as much as 58% of daylight to be transmitted through. They also reduce an interior’s temperature by at least 6 degrees, energy consumption by approximately 15% by reducing the need for air conditioning systems to work harder as well as reducing artificial lighting requirements. To top it all off, the clear solar control films maintain the building’s original design aesthetic. Truly, function and form in one efficient package.


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