Floor to Heaven by Voschs

Elemento by Voschs gives your home (and feet) a treat with the Floor to Heaven collection

Floor to Heaven by Voschs

In tropical Singapore, carpets and rugs are rarely a priority in the home. Yet, the idea that they don’t fare well in a climate like ours is a complete fallacy. On the contrary, they are one of the most transformative additions a home can have and is definitely worth a lot more consideration than it’s been getting in this part of the world so far.

Used to define a corner, shown off as a centrepiece, or simply lined as a carpet from wall to wall for extra underfoot comfort, these soft furnishing pieces are great for the home on so many levels. Finding the right rug or carpet that suits your needs and preferences though, might not be as simple. If you are looking for pieces that offer more than mere good looks, consider the collections at Voschs Element, the flooring accessories provider that puts equal emphasis on design, quality and comfort.


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