5 Minutes With… Italian furniture brand Flexform

The Flexform Singapore flagship has just opened, and we speak to Pietro and Giuliano Galimberti – second and third generation members of the family who own Flexform – on the Italian furniture brand’s aesthetics and design principles.

  • 5 Minutes With… Italian furniture brand Flexform

  • 5 Minutes With… Italian furniture brand Flexform

  • 5 Minutes With… Italian furniture brand Flexform

Text by Louisa Clare Lim

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In celebration of the Flexform Singapore flagship opening, uncle-and-nephew duo Pietro and Giuliano Galimberti – second and third generation members of the family who founded and own the brand – were in town. Around a century old, Flexform is prided on its modern and elegant furniture that is backed by its traditional Italian roots and strong design language. We find out more from the duo about the family business, brand ethos and their personal favourite pieces.

#1 How would you describe the look and style of Flexform?

The style of Flexform is very refined and elegant. We don’t like to “scream”, but we like to be very “polite” in our designs. The word ‘luxury’ is a bit abused – sometimes the word is synonymous with expensive, showiness, opulence… so ‘elegance’ is our point of reference, more than ‘luxury’. You will also find a coherence among the different collections and products.


#2 How is tradition woven into the modern furniture designs?

To be an ambassador of tradition, you must come from tradition. Flexform is an old company founded about a century ago, and the three generations of family members behind the brand have been or are part of the design world! We are from Italy, and based in a region (Meda) where furniture is a sort of a religion. You will find excellent fabrics, traditional manufacturing of leather, wood and handcrafted items. This context offers us the best available components, raw materials and technology to produce our collections.

#3 What is a defining element of Flexform’s design identity?

There is a design coherence and style among our products that make them recognisable to the eyes of those who are design-sensitive. The main thing is that all the items and single pieces from all the collections are always in perfect harmony, even if we use different materials – from hide and leather to straw and different woods, colours and finishing.

#4 Tell us what’s great about this new Singapore Flexform showroom.

This showroom is very well located with beautiful windows that give excellent visibility to passsers-by. In general, the space itself is very Flexform – starting from the materials from Italy used to the way it has been designed. So we are very honoured to have this point of reference in Singapore, as it really shows the Flexform message.



#5 What are some of the brand’s most iconic pieces that can be seen here?

There are products from the latest collections, as well as the older, more classic ranges. You can find the most-loved items of Flexform, such as the modern Groundpiece (pictured) – the most appreciated sectional sofa in the world, Cestone sofa and the Lifesteel bed.

A peculiarity of our furniture designs is that they are appreciated worldwide in the same way. When we look at the most appreciated items, fabrics, finishings, and so on, we see that they are very similar, whether it is in New Zealand or Los Angeles. This means that the distinct Flexform language can be understood on many levels, and is relevant in different cultures, ways of living, and ways of interpreting decor trends.



#6 Which are your favourites and which do you have in your own homes?

 Giuliano: I like very much the iconic Magister sofa (pictured), which you can see in the second floor of the showroom. I have a Groudpiece, an unbelievable sofa, at home. For me and my family, it is a sort of nest. It’s so comfortable! When you go home after a long day and you just want to relax – whether it’s reading a book or watching a movie, you need to collapse onto a very comfortable situation. Groundpiece offers all the necessary comfort you need, apart from being beautiful to look at. Actually, it’s one of the pieces that inspired our latest campaign about it being better to stay at home and to look forward to going home!

Pietro: I love one of the models that have yet to come out! I have the prototype in my house, but it’s still a secret now.

 Flexform is at 200 Newton Road, #01-01, Tel: 6909 2128, www.flexform.it.


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