e-Ion CrystalTM Series Mattress by Simmons

Simmons’ latest QR (Quick Response) tag and roll-out touchscreen interactive revolutionises the way you shop for mattresses.

  • e-Ion CrystalTM Series Mattress by Simmons

With Simmon’s revolutionary QR (Quick Response) tagging application and touch screen interactive aimed at engaging consumers, gone are the days where we need to wait for promoters to attend to us. Debuting along with the new e-Ion CrystalTM Series Mattress, the QR tags are small barcode visuals that may be scanned and deciphered by any smart phones. Once scanned by a smart phone, consumers can download a 40-second video clip that explains the benefits and technology behind the e-Ion CrystalTM Series Mattress. Meanwhile, the roll-out touchscreen interactive, which will be launched at all Robinsons Department stores, will allow consumers to obtain information on Simmon’s mattresses and product offerings, making shopping at Simmon’s more engaging and convenient than ever.


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