A Light Touch

Verde Light’s Touchable range brings timber and light together to create magic.

A Light Touch

Light is one of nature’s most elusive beauties, and for centuries, man has been celebrating its glories through design. Today, that quest to present light in the most captivating of ways continues, not least for a brand like Verde Light.

The furniture, lighting and accessories brand has dedicated itself to creating luminaires of the most exquisite quality. These are not lamps for mere function. They play with the inherent qualities of light in interesting, unexpected ways. One of its new collections Touchable demonstrates this to a T.

The collection comprises sculptural lamps that harness the intrinsic qualities of timber veneer. Veneer strips, like paper, are bent into organic compositions around a light source. Even as the soft curves of the lamps are inspired by Asia cultures and motifs, they also seem to reference the Scandinavian Mid-century Modern aesthetic of the likes of Alvar Aalto.


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