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A hard-wearing yet beautiful sink is what every kitchen needs

The AXOR SilicaLux Granite Sink is built to work hard in your kitchen, so you don’t have to.

Text by Jasmine Goh 

Large kitchen sinks are quite certainly a must-have in households that do plenty of heavy cooking. It helps to contain the mess and makes cleaning and washing up less of a chore.

Besides looking at the width and depth of your kitchen sink, it is also important to consider what the sink is made of and how it is constructed. Choosing the right material will ensure that you enjoy years of easy maintenance and enduring quality.

AXOR SilicaLux Granite Sink

AXOR SilicaLux granite sinks promise to be one of the best choices of sinks for heavy-duty kitchens. Manufactured from a carefully-selected mix of ingredients, of which 80% is quartz, one of the hardest naturally-occurring minerals on earth, the SilicaLux granite sink is said to be even tougher than granite and impact-resistant.

Its non-porous finish makes it not only hygienic and safe for food handling, but also odour free as smells do not get trapped beneath its surface. The stain-resistant surface is also dirt repellent, making maintenance a breeze even for kitchens that face heavy cooking every day.

AXOR SilicaLux Granite Sink

Made in Germany, these SilicaLux granite sinks boast of a glass fibre webbing that supports the overall structure, providing resistance to hard knocks and reducing the risk of cracks. Their modern design and practical functionality make them ideal for hardworking kitchens and will continue to look good even years down the road.



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