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5 great benefits of bamboo sheets

Bamboo sheets are becoming increasingly popular. Here are five reasons why you’ll want to make the switch.

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

Cotton bed sheets are one of the most popular bed sheets used throughout the world. But there’s an equally, if not better alternative – bamboo sheets. It’s become more and more popular over the years, and for good reasons.

#1 Eco-friendly
Heveya bamboo sheets by European Bedding - color grey

Bamboo is a fantastic renewable source and the fibre which bamboo sheets are made from is biodegradable. That said, it’s important to look for 100 per cent organic bamboo sheets that use no harsh chemicals or dyes, such as the ones from Heveya, to ensure sustainability and also reap the many beneficial qualities of bamboo.

#2 Luxurious to the touch
Heveya bamboo sheets by European Bedding - making bed

Bamboo sheets are incredibly soft and luxurious because their fibres are thick. As a result, they provide the comfort and luxury of silk without the exorbitant price, making it easier than ever to achieve that five-star hotel bedding feel.

#3 Temperature regulating
Heveya bamboo sheets by European Bedding - waking up

Bamboo sheets keep you cool throughout the night and make your bed feel less warm. The high breathability, temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking properties make them an excellent choice for Singapore’s humid weather. This means both chilly sleepers and hot flashers can get a good night’s sleep.

#4 Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic
Heveya bamboo sheets by European Bedding - color white

Bamboo fibre is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. This means it inhibits bacterial growth and is great for people with a skin condition, as the natural softness of bamboo sheets soothes the skin and helps alleviate itchy or rough spots.

#5 Low maintenance
Heveya bamboo sheets by European Bedding - bolster

Although bamboo sheets feel a lot like silk, they are actually a lot more durable than the latter. Simply machine wash them on a cold gentle cycle and they’ll look as good as new. In fact, you don’t even need to use softener or iron them, as bamboo sheets smoothen back to a cloud of softness once they dry completely.

If these are good enough reasons for you to make the change, then you will love the Heveya bamboo sheets from European Bedding. They are available in white and grey, and come in Single to Super King sizes. There are various sheet sets to choose from too, depending on your needs.

European Bedding

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