5 choice furniture for the contemporary home

Adding a fresh twist to your furniture pieces ensures a contemporary look to your home, so we headed down to OM to find quality furniture that’s practical yet beautiful

5 choice furniture for the contemporary home

We don’t want our homes to look like our parents’ homes – boring, traditional and predictable. Adding a fresh twist to your furniture pieces is a start, and we headed down to OM to find quality furniture that’s practical yet beautiful.


Toast SofaToast sofa

The main anchor of the living room is, no doubt, the sofa. We want it to be cosy and inviting, and at the same time, it needs to serve multiple purposes. After all, the sofa isn’t just for sitting down. The modern-day sofa is also for lounging in front of the TV, sprawling on for a daytime nap and curling up in with a good book.

The modular Toast sofa checks all the boxes. It’s a sectional sofa, which means you can rearrange or reconfigure the pieces to fit your needs. From roomy three-seater to cosy loveseat, it’s good to know you can also arrange the sofa to fit your living room space.


Reverso BenchReverso bench and coffee table

Convenience and multi-functionality are must-haves when choosing furniture, and it couldn’t be any more important for Singapore’s tiny homes. We’re looking for something versatile and flexible to use, like the Reverso. This dual-purpose furniture is made of fabric upholstery and solid wood, and works as both a coffee table and a bench.

Watching TV with the family? Place your cups and popcorn buckets on the Reverso. Have friends coming over for a gathering? The Reverso becomes an extra seat so no one has to sit on the floor. The best part? The Reverso looks good anywhere you put it in the living room.


Ply SofaPly sofa

No home is complete without a cushy, plush seat you can plonk yourself into after a long day at work. The Ply sofa is one of our favourites, thanks to its extra fluffy upholstery and roomy seat. Looks are just as important for the contemporary home, of course, and the Ply sofa is a clear winner in this one. The sofa frame is made from sturdy veneer plywood (with a steel base) that beautifully curves to form the arms.


Arco Coffee TableArco coffee table by Sean Dix

The stark simplicity of the Arco coffee table belies a well-considered design. From the straight-lined edges to the curved interiors of the solid wood legs, this is a table that sits pretty in any home, from the contemporary to the mid-century to the modern-minimalist.

In Singapore’s homes, this space-savvy table will come in handy as it measures at only 80cm by 80cm.


Bookrest Arm chairBookrest armchair by Silvia Marlia

Sleek and sturdy, these armchairs are a handy addition to any home that’s aiming for the clean, contemporary look. Equal parts utilitarian and decorative, the Bookrest armchair isn’t the kind of seat you’d find in your parents’ home. A lightweight steel frame and fabric upholstered cushions come together to create a subtle seat that you can use in any part of your apartment.

It’s the small details that allow the Bookrest chair to stand out. We love the cushioned armrest which, like its name suggests, can be used to balance a book when you need to rest your eyes.


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