3 awesome home speakers that look and sound good

High-tech meets good looks with these latest home audio speakers from some of the world’s most respected brands.

  • 3 awesome home speakers that look and sound good

  • 3 awesome home speakers that look and sound good

  • 3 awesome home speakers that look and sound good

  • 3 awesome home speakers that look and sound good

  • 3 awesome home speakers that look and sound good

Text Janice Seow

Technology is moving in leaps and bounds these days, and advancing our enjoyment of music in the home. But what’s the use of great speakers if they don’t also look good in our space? Here are three new offerings that combine exceptional engineering with exceptional looks. Audiophiles, take your pick!


#1 Dynaudio intelligent wireless speakers

Dynaudio is renowned for its handcrafted high-end loudspeakers for professional recording studios, cars, and living rooms. So when we hear that they’ve launched a new series of four intelligent wireless speakers with one-touch simplicity, we can’t help but get excited. Each of Dynaudio’s new speakers adapts seamlessly and automatically to any room or position, and to ambient noise levels for music to always sound pristine. What’s more, they can also intuitively personalise playlists to feature only the music you love, at the touch of a button. What else can we say, except that their sculptural forms look great in any room!




#2 Devialet Phantom REACTOR

Devialet calls the Phantom REACTOR “the most powerful compact speaker in the world”. It delivers a maximum volume of 98 dB SPL, enabled by an unprecedented 900W of peak power. Importantly, it produces sound as the artist intended: all the details with zero distortion, zero saturation or background noise. Just pure sound reproduction. We like how it can be held in one hand, but can play as loudly as a symphony orchestra playing at full force. It’s truly a feat of extreme engineering.




#3 B&O special edition speaker collection with David Lynch

Art meets great music with B&O’s latest collaboration with cult-classic director, screenwriter, actor, artist, and musician David Lynch. The special edition speaker collection features selected images and details from the “War Between the Shapes” series, works on paper created in the 1970s, and from the “Paris Suite” lithographs created in 2007 at the renowned Idem studio.

The powerful, wireless speaker Beoplay M5 and the fully portable Beoplay P2 featuring artwork from the “War Between the Shapes” series will be available in Singapore at Bang & Olufsen Grand Hyatt in very limited quantities from end November. Also available at www.bang-olufsen.com/davidlynch and www.store.moma.org.


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