Racking Shelves: what sets them apart from regular shelving?

Racking shelves are often confused with regular shelves, but there are a few key differences.

Racking Shelves: what sets them apart from regular shelving?

Racking shelves are known worldwide as one of the sturdiest kinds of storage formations. Racking shelves are different to standard shelving and each have their own benefits. The main difference between racking shelves and regular shelves is that a racking system is usually accessed with machinery and equipment such as a forklift. Regular shelving is the smaller and simpler storage option from which you usually retrieve items by hand.

Because of this, racking shelves are mostly used in an industrial context or wherever else there is a high demand for storage space. A store room rack may even be a feature of some homes, or perhaps even a bomb shelter rack.

There are many different types of storage racking, mostly named after their shape. When considering if racking shelves are the right choice for you, you will want to carefully measure out your space and pay attention to the layout of the room as you may prefer storage racks which will tuck into corners.

Types of racks:


The U-shaped rack is best suited for store rooms with an entrance in the middle and which serve no other purpose. The U shape covers each of the walls, providing the maximum amount of storage with the least possible space. It is the most popular type of storeroom rack.


The L-shaped rack is similar to the U shaped rack, only without one of the rectangular sides. This will fit neatly into corners – although you will want to measure first to choose the size correctly – and it can be used in many contexts as it is normally small and easy to miss. Usually this type of shelf will be tucked to the left or right of a door. They are better suited for those with smaller areas or slightly less to store, as they can only fit along the corners of a room and therefore will not maximize the space in the middle or along the sides very well.

Standard Rectangular Shape

This is the most common and familiar style of racking shelves. It looks similar to a standard bookcase in that it has a simple, vertical multi-level design. These types of racks will usually be 4 or 5 tiers high although it may vary. The standard rectangular racks are the most popular choice for storerooms and bomb shelters due to their sturdiness – they can usually be fixed to the wall as well so there is no danger of them falling.

There are a few other ways to differentiate between types of racks. Traditional storage racks will have stabilizing bolts, but modern design advancements have meant that some racks are actually boltless. These racks require less maintenance and can endure more stress for longer periods of time, as well as being easier to install. Another potential difference is the material; metal shelves are the most popular but you may also be able to find plywood. Depending on the quality that you opt for, plywood may even be more durable than some metals; make sure you have a grasp of the quality and life expectancy of the materials before purchasing.

So, where can you actually purchase racking shelves? There are a number of suppliers and distributors across Singapore. Each have different costs attached; some charge delivery or installation fees, some com in multiple colours, and some stock only boltless shelves while others have both. Find a guide below to the top 5 racking shelves suppliers currently available to buy in Singapore.

Storage Rack Singapore: top 5 racking shelves to buy

5. Yee Sin Storage

Yee Sin Storage provides high quality shelving solutions at a reasonable price. A basic package pricing will cost approximately $590, and height extensions will cost between $15-20 extra. They provide standard rectangular shelves,

L-shaped shelves,

And U-shaped shelves.

The majority of the Yee Sin Storage shelves are boltless, though they do have a bolted range. They come in either metal or plywood, and you can choose from multiple colours (grey, brown, white, & black) although some colours come only in bolted and vice versa.

Yee Sin Storage also have a comprehensive guide on how to measure your area with respect to the storage opportunities. You can find it detailed on their website here

4. Sg Shelving

Sg shelving are another staple of the Singaporean storage industry. They provide L-shaped shelving, boltless metal racks, industrial racks, and even bomb shelter loft beds. The single rack with drawers pictured above can be purchased here for $170-300 depending on your custom choices in depth / height.

Sg Shelving products are made of galvanized steel and they are completely boltless, making them best suited to HDB bomb shelters, home store rooms and industrial contexts. They are among the cheapest on the market for their quality. With Sg Shelving, delivery is free. There is some colour variety and you can get these shelves in white.

3. Ikea

Ikea has an extensive range of storage options for shelving units. They have a variety of options in practically every size, style and colour you can imagine. The shelving unit pictured above can be purchased here for just $99.

You are sure to find an appropriate choice in Ikea for your desired shelving. However, if you are hoping for a more heavy-duty unit, Ikea may not be the best choice becasue they are not a shelving-specific business and you cannot customize the products whatsoever. Ikea products are better suited to a residential than industrial setting.

2. Boltless Rack Singapore

Boltless Racks specialize in classic L-shaped bolt racks without a central pole. However, they stock many different styles including metal boltless racks, boltless heavy duty racks in plywood, and even a bolted heavy duty rack in Plywood. Each one of these products come in grey, black and white. You can peruse their extensive product line on the Boltless Rack website here.

1. Kasto Rack

Kasto rack describes their wares as suitable for home storeroom, bomb shelter, office, retail, residential and industrial applications. They are a well-established brand providing quality storage solutions across Singapore. The shelving available at Kasto Rack is extremely durable and can be adjusted in accordance with your specifications. Kasto Rack provides shelving in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Each design is aesthetically pleasing and they will suit even a non-industrial context purely for their aesthetic appeal. Kasto Rack has a 5 star rating based on 23 reviews, which you can read on their website here.


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