Living room lighting: Ceiling lights, track lights, hanging lights and more

Lighting a living room is essential to creating a welcoming space. Here are some of the best living room lighting ideas.

Living room lighting: Ceiling lights, track lights, hanging lights and more

Your choice of living room lighting will drastically affect the overall atmosphere of the room. Generally, living room lighting should be warm and welcoming. Soft lights with dimming options are the ideal pick. Side lighting and lamps are very popular because they cast softer shadows than overhead lighting, making the light more flattering.

Lighting can help you make the most of your living room space. With the right lighting your space can appear larger, cozier, more inviting and even classier. However, the wrong lighting could make a room feel small, cold, clinical, dark, harsh or unwelcoming.

You need to make sure that your lighting choices are informed by the size and layout of the room – powerful lights are too harsh in small spaces, and false ceilings will rarely work without ample ceiling space. To help you understand the more effective living room lighting ideas, here is a list of the best living room lights Singapore.

Living room lighting design: Types of lighting that work best for a living room Singapore

10. Ceiling lights for living room

LED living room light colourful pink blue gold and yellow rgb

Overhead ceiling lights are without a doubt the most common type of lighting for modern living rooms. Overhead ceiling lights provide a general wash that bathes the entirety of the room in an evenly lit glow. This is the standard lighting practice, but it is not the most flattering. There is usually little control over the direction or intensity of the light, and the overhead placement means that it will cast deep shadows that are not flattering to you or your guests.

However, modern living room lighting is evolving somewhat beyond this. LED ceiling lights are becoming more popular, giving the homeowner more flexibility with the intensity, direction and even colour of the light. RGB strip lights like the ones in the picture above can be controlled with a remote and switch between 20 colours. For a modern, moody living room that responds to your every touch, consider overhead LED strip lights. You can purchase the ones pictured above here from Lepro for just $29.99

09. Downlights

downlights in living room recessed lighting

Downlights are also known as recessed lights. They are lighting fixtures which have been installed deeper into the ceiling than regular lights. The light is concentrated by its deeper setback, giving the impression of a light shining through a hole or tunnel. This creates a spotlight effect as the light is directed straight down rather than a general wash.

08. Track lighting

track lighting in living room

Track lights are lighting fixtures which have been attached to a continuous track device. They first began as a form of theatre lighting, but have recently made their way into the residential home with the rise of industrial chic.

Track lighting is a beautiful aesthetic option that will add drama to your space. For a deliberate and dynamic living room environment, consider installing track lights. They are also highly customizable and you can install them at whichever level, size, height and length that you would like.

07. Wall lights

standing floor lamp in living room with bright light

Overhead lighting has fallen heavily out of style in recent years. To replace it, designers across the world are turning to wall lights – lights that are installed directly onto walls, usually at eye-level or slightly above.

This may seem like a simple change, but the effect of this lighting style is drastic. Wall lights give off a much softer glow with less defined shadows. The general wash produced by wall lights is more flattering than overhead. Another benefit to wall lights is that the placement makes the light feel more natural (like the sun setting to the side) which can help prime your body for sleep.

06. Floor lamps

wall lights in living room soft lighting

Floor lamps are another popular alternative to overhead lighting. Most floor lamps are tall standing lights positioned around the room on weighted lamp stands. Floor lamps provide softer, more flattering light than overhead lighting, as well as greater aesthetic opportunity.

Floor lamps create a vertical vector line which draws the eye upwards, making the room feel taller and therefore more spacious. They also light the room at eye level, which creates a more natural light conducive to healthy sleeping habits.

05. Table lamps

round LED moon table lamp

Another option for living room lighting is an abundance of table lamps. This gives a room the same cozy feeling of sitting around a fire or being surrounded by candles. Many people choose to use a mix of lamps and other lighting types, especially if playing card games or reading. Read more about the innovative IC light pictured above and its design applications here.

04. Cove lighting

cove lighting with LED lights soft false ceiling

Cove lighting is a type of lighting which can be achieved through the installation of a false ceiling. Most often, cove lighting is installed in the cornices of a false ceilings and are often versatile in colour, wash, brightness and shape. Cove lighting is softer than regular light and pairs well with lamps in a living room setting.

03. Chandelier

gold chandelier in living room with dining table and art pink white and beige colour scheme

Chandeliers are a gorgeous statement piece which will throw your room into breathtaking, glittering light. They are sophisticated and well-loved. Modern chandeliers can be controlled remotely and even change colours or brightness settings at your leisure.

02. Vintage lighting

vintage lighting chandelier with candles LED modern fixture buy online

The vintage aesthetic has taken Singapore’s design world by storm in the past few years. A beautiful fixture like the candle chandelier pictured above will add a whole lot of old fashioned charm into your living room. You can purchase it now from Zest lighting here.

01. Pendant lights

hanging rattan pendant light beige for living room

Also known as hanging lights, pendant lights are a type of light fitting which hangs from the ceiling, usually suspended from a cord or chain. They are easy to install, energy efficient, reduce glare, and add an extra visual layer of design intrigue into your home. Pendant lights are readily available from most lighting stores – for more information about the best lighting stores in Singapore, see here.


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