Household robots: The best robo vacuums in Singapore

Like the invention of the dishwasher, robotic vacuums are poised to change the future of household chores.

Household robots: The best robo vacuums in Singapore

A robot vacuum is an autonomous floor cleaner which works like any other vacuum to collect dirt and debris from the surface of a floor. Unlike regular vacuums, robot vacuums require no human intervention and are perfectly capable of starting themselves as well as cleaning the floor autonomously.

Robotic vacuums work in a few different ways. High end vacuums use infrared lasers to help them navigate around the home and avoid walls or furniture. More common vacuums actually create a vague map of the floor through the data collected by physical boundary stripes. While this may concern some with issues of privacy, it is worth noting that the ‘map’ created by the robotic vacuum is fairly crude and simply to inform where walls / difficult surfaces such as carpets are.  

Robot vacuums are becoming rapidly more popular in Singapore due to their inherent convenience. A robot vacuum makes cleaning the house a much simpler task than a regular vacuum, as no-one even needs to be home while it happens. Robot vacuums can be set to timers so that the house will be cleaned every day without you having to lift a finger.

They also take care of everything, from start to finish. A robot vacuum will clean the space, dispose of the dirt and debris, and then place themselves neatly back onto their charger when finished. With a higher end vacuum robot, they will be able to seamlessly transition from hardwood floors to carpeted areas – and won’t even need to change settings. Other robot vacuums have apps that you can use to download and remotely control your vacuum.

autonomous vacuum robo roomba living room carpet automatic robo vacuum robotic mop

Now, robot vacuums are not a magic solution to every floor cleaning scenario. You should probably still have a regular vacuum stashed away somewhere just in case. Robot vacuums are easily capable of cleaning low-pile area rugs and runners, as well as short carpets and hardwood floors. They can cut down on the day-to-day cleaning needs of a household to an immeasurable standard. However, traditional vacuums have a little more suction power which makes them better suited for homes with lots of difficult carpeting (for example, plush carpeting).

One of the other draws of robot vacuums is their multifunctionality. Certain automatic vacuums can come with mop and sweeping capabilities. Robot mops, robots sweepers and robot vacuums can all be rolled into one little cleaning robot.

Purchasing a high quality robot floor cleaner is a matter of researching the brands and types of auto vacuum cleaners that will work with your home situation as well as browsing the product reviews. Do you need all of the bells and whistles of a smart vacuum cleaner with a setting specifically for pet hair and mopping? Try to devise a budget that will inform your choice of possible robot vacuums – and remember that when it comes to robotics, cheaper in the short term is rarely cheaper in the long term. Below is a list of the best robot vacuum cleaners currently available in Singapore to get you started on your robovac journey.

Best robot vacuum Singapore 2022: Prices, brands and more

4. RoboVac

autonomous vacuum robo roomba living room carpet automatic robo vacuum robotic mop eufy

RoboVac is a brand of automatic vacuums supplied by Eufy with a huge variety of styles and qualities. Robovac products range from $399.00-$649 SGD. They have smart dynamic navigation which allows a path tracking sensor to follow a route that you can set using the Robovac app.

This app is highly sophisticated and can also show your cleaning history, so you can identify when, where and for how long your RoboVac cleaned. RoboVacs also come with a 2-in-1 vacuum and mop capabilities, meaning they can vacuum across multiple surfaces and mop hardwood floors. Browse the RoboVac product line here.

3. Neato Botvac Connected

autonomous vacuum robo roomba living room carpet automatic robo vacuum robotic mop robovac irobot

The Neato Botvac Connected vacuum is one of the highest tech Wi-Fi connected robot vacuums currently on market. This robot can be controlled from any smartphone, meaning you can begin, pause, and stop your robot from cleaning the house even when you aren’t home. Neato Botvac Connected has two modes: Eco, which is quieter and takes longer, or Turbo for the most efficient clean possible. Because of their high quality, Neato products are on the higher price spectrum for robotic vacuums. Purchase the Neato DC00 Botvac Connected robot sweeper and vacuum online here for $1499.

2. Xiaomi

autonomous vacuum robo roomba living room carpet automatic robo vacuum robotic mop

Xiaomi smart vacuums are the perfect middle ground between affordable and high quality. The Viaomi Robot vacuum mop 2C uses smart mapping to provide both vacuum and mopping services that will keep your home spotless. Like most robot vacuums, it is controllable via app and you can even establish areas in the house for the vacuum to avoid if they do not need cleaning. Purchase the Xiaomi Voimi V3 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner here from MyDeal for just $389.

1. Roomba

autonomous vacuum robo roomba living room carpet automatic robo vacuum robotic mop

The Roomba is without a doubt the most popular autonomous vacuum brand around the world, to the point where “Roomba” has colloquially become synonymous with any type of robot vacuum. The Roomba is a type of robot vacuum sold by the American consumer robot company iRobot.

iRobot’s Roombas were the first robot vacuums to gain global popularity, making them a household name. There have been numerous developments since the first initial Roomba product, such that iRobot has a comparison chart to give you an overview of the different series and their capabilities. They have many other types of robots as well, including air purifiers, robot mops, and even education robots.

High quality Roombas by iRobot take care of absolutely everything – they are even self-emptying. It is intelligent enough to discern waste that should be left alone (which is perfect for pet owners whose animals have not quite mastered toilet training) and can even give suggestions as to cleaning schedule adjustments when needed.

You can purchase one of the highest quality Roomba models here from Amazon for $2,250 SGD.


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