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Three generations live under one roof in this eclectic 5-room HDB

When designing this resale HDB flat, Linear Space found the common threads that link a three-generational family together: a creative spark that runs through the family, a shared passion for nostalgia and a healthy respect for nature.

Home Type: 5-room HDB

Floor Area: 1,184 sqft

Designing for a multi-generational home can prove to be a challenge for even the most experienced of interior designers. Each family member has his or her own preferences, and pandering to every person’s request usually ends in a haphazard home that no one enjoys. That, however, is not what happened in the case of this 5-room flat.

Ong Hui Wyn stays in this resale flat in Fajar Road with her parents. Although only three of them live here, Hui Wyn’s parents look after her young nieces and nephews while their parents go off to work. With three generations under one roof, Hui Wyn knew that she needed a home that everyone feels comfortable in. She roped in long-time friend and interior designer Marc Wong from Linear Space Concepts for help.

What started as a rustic and industrial concept soon blossomed into something more eclectic, but still representative of Hui Wyn’s family. According to Marc, Hui Wyn and her parents are artistic folks who are attuned to nature and he allowed this to influence his design proposals. “They’re very artistic people,” he says of his clients, “and they appreciate the nostalgia of the 70s and 80s when things were simpler and homes had more personality.”

To get an old-school feel, Marc used different materials around the home. He didn’t want clean, smooth surfaces because that would look too much like a modern home. Instead he used a textured palette that consists of bricks, solid wood and steel. Even the floors were replaced with vinyl floors that look and feel like real planks of untreated wood.

One of Hui Wyn’s no-nos is a home that “feels claustrophobic”. As such, Marc and his team opened up the rooms and introduced as much natural light as possible into the home. Walls were removed and windows were opened up, and certain walls were replaced with glass overlaid with wire mesh. The HDB block sits next to a water catchment area, and the apartment’s alignment on the low floor offers a steady stream of sunlight and great views over the park and reservoir. “It’s like having a large pond in our own backyard,” Hui Wyn jokes. “My family and I love nature so it was a pleasant surprise when the designers managed to make the home feel as if the outdoors is a part of the design.”


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