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This Scandinavian-inspired condo blends natural greenery with eclectic pops of colour

Eclectic pops of colour and a generous dose of natural greenery takes the modern-Scandinavian theme to new levels

Home Type: 3-bedroom Condominium

Floor Area: 1,496 sqft

As with many other homeowners, Anna and her husband Zack were excited to move into their newly built condominium apartment. “We were thrilled to finally get our keys to our new home, but we were shocked by how much smaller it is compared to what we had seen in the showroom,” says Anna.

She was admittedly disappointed, until she met Kelvin Teo from design firm Space Sense Studio. “I spoke to many different interior designers, but Kelvin was the only one who shared my vision for the space. I had already spent months planning out the things I wanted to do in the new home but everything changed when I saw how small the rooms actually were. Kelvin convinced me that I didn’t have to change my plans, because the space is actually quite big.”

Anna is a fan of the Scandinavian aesthetic – clean, orderly and incorporating all of nature and its colours and materials. “I would describe it as eclectic-Scandinavian. It’s all-white, a little rustic and with bright, playful colours. My family and I love nature, so I wanted to bring that into our home.” This wasn’t an issue for this particular apartment, as it boasts sweeping balconies in the living room and master bedroom. With the help of a contracted landscape designer, Anna turned part of the balcony into a mini-garden, complete with shrubs, vegetables and carpet grass.

On the other end of the balcony is a vertical garden, attached to an automatic irrigation system that takes the hassle out of urban gardening. Similarly, the balcony attached to the master bedroom is now a petite garden with a luxurious daybed.

To solve the problem of storage, Kelvin suggested building a row of cabinets along the length of the living room. Initially, Anna was hesitant, concerned that it would take up to much space. “I imagined how it would eat into the living area and make the whole apartment feel even smaller! But now that it’s completed, I can see that Kelvin was absolutely correct!” In addition, Kelvin also provided plenty of storage spaces throughout the rest of the home and included display shelves when he could.



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